SCA Roquet Calculator

This application calculates the probability of making a roquet when shooting at a single ball, or pair of balls. In order to use the calculator you must know your probability of hitting a single ball 13 yards away, known as P(13, 1). The assumptions and maths behind the calculator are described in David AppletonPGEgaHJlZj0ibWFpbHRvOmRhdmlkLmFwcGxldG9uQHNjb3R0aXNoY3JvcXVldC5vcmcudWsiPkRhdmlkIEFwcGxldG9uPC9hPg=='s paper "Hitting in: a probabilistic approach".

The calculator will plot the probability of a roquet against either your P(13, 1) or the aiming point, and you can adjust the range, gap between the balls and the aiming point or P(13, 1). You are shooting with blue at red and yellow. (Note that the balls can be dragged around the court).

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Drag the blue and yellow balls around the court to adjust the range
  x y  
Blue: yards
Yellow: yards
Range: yards
Gap: ball widths
Aiming point: ball widths off centre
Plot against:
Drag the yellow ball to create a two ball target. Drag the aiming line to change the aiming point
d½:   yards