Middle Bisquers 2001

30 June - 1 July 2001, Meadows

The Middle Bisquers' Tournament was scheduled for two days, but speedy play meant that it got finished on the first day, with four games completed on the NW lawn at Meadows West (where the going was heavy after recent rain), and seven on the noticeably faster SE lawn.

The five entrants were, in ascending handicap order, Stuart McKendrick (4.5), Tony Foster (5), Nigel Gardner (6), Fergus McInnes (7) and Jamieson Walker (8). In the first round, Stuart had a convincing win against Fergus, and Jamieson lost a close game against Nigel by pegging out his opponent's ball and then missing to near the end of B-baulk. Stuart then played his poorest game of the day and lost to Jamieson, while Fergus improved and achieved a win against Tony, pegging out with a big half-roll from SSE of rover. After these two rounds of mixed results, Stuart and Jamieson established themselves as the leaders, winning their remaining games. Nigel's play took a sharp downturn and he suffered -26 losses to Stuart and to Fergus, but he recovered his form just as sharply and completed three peels (but alas failed the peg-out) in the course of a +25 win against Tony in the last game in the block. Two more close results occurred: Stuart had a +4 against Tony, and a similar margin appeared after Fergus pegged out Jamieson but then cross-wired himself at hoop 4, allowing Jamieson to take position at penult, run it hard with a favourable deflection, make a roquet and finish.

The result of all this was that Stuart and Jamieson had three wins each, and a tie-breaker was played, which was notable for both players' going to rover and conceding contacts - in Jamieson's case after peeling Stuart's forward ball through rover and then breaking down. Jamieson had a further chance when Stuart was hampered after 4-back and gave an easy lift shot, but he in turn was hampered after hoop 1, and Stuart then took the game and the tournament. Stuart's handicap came down to 4 after the day's successes, while Tony's four losses put his up to 6.

Fergus McInnes



SM JW FM NG TF Wins Aggregate
Stuart McKendrick -- -15 +24 +26 +4 3 +39
Jamieson Walker +15 -- +4 -4 +20 3 +35
Fergus McInnes -24 -4 -- +26 +12 2 +10
Nigel Gardner -26 +4 -26 -- +25 2 -23
Tony Foster -4 -20 -12 -25 -- 0 -61

Tie-breaker: Stuart McKendrick beat Jamieson Walker +14