Chairman's Rosebowl 2003

13-15 September 2003, Glasgow

This year's Chairman's Rosebowl at Kelvingrove was the closest for many years.  At the start of the last round on Monday afternoon four players were on six wins: Brian Murdoch, Bruce Rannie, John Surgenor and Rod Williams, and any one of the four could have won it.

Standard of play throughout was mixed, with players often seeming to alternate sparkling displays with utter dross.  However, all games finished within the 2 1/2 hour time limit, though only one triple peel was successfully completed, by David Appleton against John Surgenor.

John Surgenor was almost successful in one of his triple attempts, missing the peg out.  However, he lost that game -1 to Rod Williams.

Major improver of the tournament was Brian Murdoch, who has clearly learnt a great deal over the weekend: no longer relying too heavily on his straight hitting he was, by part way through the weekend, playing much more subtle croquet - tricky leaves and thoughtful break building.

The winner of the Rosebowl, in doubt until the last break of the final game, was John Surgenor, with Brian Murdoch a worthy runner-up.

Full results:

Day 1:
Bruce Rannie beat David Appleton +23,Dave Arnot +13, Brian Murdoch +11
John Surgenor beat Brian Murdoch +21,Bruce Rannie +4, David Appleton +2
Rod Williams beat John Surgenor +5,David Appleton +21, Dave Arnot +19
Brian Murdoch beat Dave Arnot +12, Rod Williams +17
Dave Arnot beat David Appleton +17

Day 2:
Brian Murdoch beat David Appleton +9 +9, Dave Arnot +14
Bruce Rannie beat Dave Arnot +9, David Appleton +19, Rod Williams +4
John Surgenor beat Dave Arnot +2, Brian Murdoch +13, Dave Arnot +14
Rod Williams beat Bruce Rannie +5, John Surgenor +1
David Appleton beat Rod Williams +5

Day 3:
David Appleton beat John Surgenor +19TP, Dave Arnot +14
Brian Murdoch beat Bruce Rannie +9, Rod Williams +12
John Surgenor beat Bruce Rannie +12
Rod Williams beat Dave Arnot +4

Final placings:

John Surgenor 7 wins
Brian Murdoch 7 wins
Bruce Rannie 6 wins
Rod Williams 6 wins
David Appleton 3 wins
Dave Arnot 1 win

Rod Williams