Secretary Trophy 2007

14 July 2007, Meadows

Perhaps it was inevitable this wet summer that not many players applied to contest the Secretary Trophy, particularly as it was played only six days after the summer weekend and also clashed with a competition at Lauriston.  However, the 14-point advanced game with bisques makes an interesting change, particularly with hoops 3 and 5 as the lift hoops, and the four participants (David Appleton, Joe Lennon, Brian Murdoch and Jamieson Walker) enjoyed themselves.  It was good to see Brian playing his first competitive games for several months.  The only rain that fell during the day came when the players were enjoying Jamieson's free lunch (if there is any such thing).

Each entrant played all the others twice, with time limits of 2 hours 45 minutes for the two games.  An advantage of the small entry was that double-banking was not required.  Perhaps that was one reason that only one game went to time.

Everyone won at least one game, Jamieson saving his till last, but by winning all of his David regained the trophy from Joe.  He was also the only person to achieve the two peels in the winning break, managing this in two of his six games.

David Appleton


Appleton beat Lennon +4, +5; Murdoch +9, +12; Walker +8, +13
Lennon beat Murdoch +12; Walker +11, +2t
Murdoch beat Lennon +6; Walker +3
Walker beat Murdoch +2