European Championship 2009

18-20 September 2009, Jersey

It fell to me, as the player who had failed to qualify from the Black Block [1] to enter the knockout stage of the Championship, and as one who consequently had a bye in the first round on Saturday, to attempt the role of reporter on the spot at the 17th European Association Croquet Championship, being played in Jersey from Friday the 18th to Sunday the 20th of September 2009.

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Golf Croquet Handicap 2009

16 May 2009, Meadows

The SCA Golf Croquet Handicap Tournament was planned as an American block (all-play-all) with eight players and seven rounds of games, starting at 9.30am.  At 9.45am only six players were present, and the manager acceded to a request from the two who were awaiting opponents to let them play each other in the first round.  At 9.50am the seventh player arrived, bearing the news that the eighth had withdrawn.

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Spring Weekend 2009

25-26 April, Meadows

There were, in one sense, 18 entrants at the Spring Weekend - a splendid effort as 6 regulars were at Carrickmines playing the CA of Ireland - and it was good to see some new faces as well as the familiar faces of Malcolm O'Connell and Alasdair Adam who had not been playing regularly for some time.  In another sense there were only 16 as Arthur Hiticks (he with the breathing problems, the bad back, sore elbow and two dodgy wrists - not surprising when you have celebrated more than 180 birthdays) consisted of Charlotte Townsend, Rod Williams and David Appleton taking it in turns to play a game. Charlotte, however, took sole responsibility for the bacon rolls (the best rolls I saw during the weekend).

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SCA v Croquet North 2009

2-3 May 2009, Meadows

The Croquet North team that came to Edinburgh for this year's match consisted of Charles Waterfield (handicap 0) from Middlesbrough, Derek Watts (2.5) and Sheila Watts (9) from Tyneside, and Alice Fleck (10) from Belsay Hall.  The SCA had found four players with a similar spread of handicaps to form their opposition: James Hopgood (-0.5), Fergus McInnes (3.5), Jamieson Walker (8) and Joe Lennon (10).

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CA of Ireland v SCA 2009

25-26 April 2009, Carrickmines

Six Scottish croquet players, five mallets, one Scottish flag and one trophy arrived in Dublin on Friday evening on the 16:50 flight from Edinburgh.  The players were James Hopgood (handicap 0), Campbell Morrison (3), Fergus McInnes (3.5), Bill Spalding (4.5), Alan Wilson (4.5) and Jamieson Walker (8).  Campbell was the one who didn't bring his mallet, having invested in a second one to keep in Ireland so as to avoid baggage charges on his frequent visits there.

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