SCA GC Interclub 2018

The 2018 AC inter-club league consists of two all-play-all blocks. The winners of each block will play each other in a final on October 6th at The Meadows, unless otherwise agreed.

Each match will consist of two players from each team playing

  • a best-of-one* handicap doubles game, followed by
  • a best-of-three* 13 point handicap singles rubber each. Normally the lower handicap players will play each other, but captains may agree otherwise.

* The captains may agree in advance to play best-of three doubles and/or best-of-one singles, depending on time constraints. But in any event a match must consist of one doubles rubber and two singles rubbers, in order that a result is obtained.

Teams may be selected from a pool of players but no player may play for more than one team. All singles games count for the handicap card.

In the tables below the team named in the row will have choice of venue if there is a * in the cell, otherwise the choice will belong to the team named in the column. For example for Balgreen v Edinburgh in Block A, Balgreen has choice of venue.

The full results should be reported to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible after the match. An example result would be:

A1&A2 beat B1&B2 7-4
A1 beat B1 7-6, 7-5
A2 lost to B2 3-7, 7-2, 6-7

The winner of the league will be decided by

  • Matches won, then if equal by
  • Rubbers won, then if equal by
  • Net games won, then if equal by
  • Net points won, then if equal by
  • Who beat whom

In the example above the matches, rubbers, net games and net points scored by each team are:

  Matches Rubbers Net games Net points
A 1 2 +2 +6
B 0 1 -2 -6

The final will again consist of a best-of-one handicap doubles game followed by best-of-three handicap singles games. It will be decided by rubbers won.



Balgreen beat Meadows 1 (played on 6 September)

Lorna Dewar & Rosemary Saunders Robertson (Balgreen) beat John Graham & Colin Stevenson (Meadows 1) 7-3
Rosemary Saunders Robertson lost to Colin Stevenson 3-7, 4-7
Lorna Dewar beat John Graham 6-7, 7-5, 7-2

Block A

  B E M3 Matches Rubbers Net games Net points Position
Balgreen   1 1 2 4 5 17 1
Edinburgh 0   0 0 2 -2 -2 3
Meadows 3 0 1   1 3 -3 -15 2


Balgreen Rosemary Saunders Robertson(C) and Lorna Dewar
Edinburgh Allan Hawke(C), David Fell and Linda Paterson
Meadows 3 Lyn Gilpin(C) and Rachel Frith


Balgreen v Edinburgh (4 August)
Lorna Dewar & Rosemary Saunders Robertson beat David Fell & Linda Paterson 7-3, 7-6
Lorna Dewar beat Linda Paterson 7-3
Rosemary Saunders Robertson lost to David Fell 4-7

Meadows 3 v Balgreen (16 August)
Lyn Gilpin & Rachel Frith beat Lorna Dewar & Rosemary Saunders Robertson 7-5
Lyn Gilpin lost to Lorna Dewar 2-7, 3-7
Rachel Frith lost to Rosemary Saunders Robertson 4-7, 6-7

Edinburgh v Meadows 3 (3 September)
Allan Hawke & David Fell beat Rachel Frith & Lyn Gilpin 7-5, 7-2
Allan Hawke lost to Rachel Frith 6-7
David Fell lost to Lyn Gilpin 5-7

Block B

  M1 M2 A Matches Rubbers Net games Net points Position
Meadows 1   1 1 2 3 5 1
Meadows 2 0   1 1 4 4 6 2
Auchincruive 0 0   0 -2½ -7 -11 3


Meadows 1 John Graham(C), Judith Smeaton and Colin Stevenson
Meadows 2 Jean Wood(C), George Geis and Brian Cosford
Auchincruive Kevin Wright(C), Michele Wright, Kenny McIsaac and David and Maggie Farrow


Auchincruive v Meadows 1 (3 August)
Kenny McIsaac & Michele Wright lost to Colin Stevenson & John Graham 5-7
Michele Wright lost to Colin Stevenson 4-7, 4-7
Kenny McIsaac drew with John Graham 6-7, 7-2

Meadows 1 v Meadows 2 (14 August)
Colin Stevenson & Judith Smeaton beat George Geis & Brian Cosford 7-5
Judith Smeaton lost to George Geis 6-7, 3-7
Colin Stevenson beat Brian Cosford 5-7, 7-4, 7-4

Meadows 2 v Auchincruive (9 September)
Brian Cosford & Jean Wood beat David & Maggie Farrow 7-5
Brian Cosford beat David Farrow 5-7, 7-4, 7-6
Jean Wood beat Maggie Farrow 7-6, 7-5