CA v SCA 2010

4-5 September 2010, Middlesbrough

The sun was shining on another beautiful weekend at Albert Park Middlesbrough as the SCA, fresh from their journey south, sought to prise the quaich from the CA.  Lawns were true and hoops were set to a tight standard.  Saturday morning’s games witnessed a narrow 2-1 Scottish victory in the doubles.  However, this score line could easily have gone the other way.  In the final doubles game to be completed that morning, McInnes and Stephenson edged past McDermott and Errington; the CA pair had equalised during time but failed to pull ahead during the normal extension period, eventually losing by one hoop.  After lunch the SCA extended their lead with numerous impressive performances.  Both Wilson and McInnes won both of their singles fixtures for the SCA.

Sunday morning witnessed a CA fight back with two hard earned victories in the morning doubles.  CA pairs Scarr Snr and Jnr as well as Waterfield and Watts triumphed in their fixtures, which were both close affairs.  The event came to nail biting climax with the CA needing to win all their remaining 3 singles games to retain the quaich.  Spectators watched nervously as Waterfield, Scarr Snr and Errington played the remainder of their final games against Hopgood, Spalding and Wilson respectively.  Alas, Hopgood’s final TP of the weekend (which featured a spectacular rover peel – croqueted just south of 1 back in a split roll shot to his back ball’s pioneer at 2 back!) ensured that the prize would be making its way north of the border, despite Errington and Scarr Snr winning their final matches.

In short, this was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend of croquet made all the more pleasurable by the fine weather, good venue and, not least, the competitive yet sporting nature in which all games were played.  The CA team is resolved to regain the quaich next year; although the Scots will have other ideas.

Phill Scarr

(CA names first)

Day 1, 4 September 2010
Waterfield & Watts lost to Hopgood & Spalding -23qp(H)
McDermott & Errington lost to Stephenson & McInnes -1T
Scarr & Scarr beat Murdoch & Wilson +16

Charles Waterfield lost to Martin Stephenson -6T
Peter McDermott beat Brian Murdoch +2T
Phill Scarr beat James Hopgood +17
Phil Errington lost to Bill Spalding -11
Derek Watts lost to Alan Wilson -2T
Dennis Scarr lost to Fergus McInnes -10T
Charles Waterfield beat Brian Murdoch +2T
Peter McDermott lost to James Hopgood -19
Phill Scarr beat Martin Stephenson +16
Phil Errington lost to Fergus McInnes -10
Derek Watts beat Bill Spalding +13T
Dennis Scarr lost to Alan Wilson -22

Day 2, 5 September 2010
Waterfield & Watts beat Murdoch & Wilson +2T
McDermott & Errington lost to Hopgood & Spalding -24tp(H)
Scarr & Scarr beat Stephenson & McInnes +4T

Charles Waterfield lost to James Hopgood -9tp -15tp
Peter McDermott lost to Martin Stephenson -10 -8
Phill Scarr beat Brian Murdoch +22 +14
Phil Errington drew with Alan Wilson +11T -11T
Derek Watts beat Fergus McInnes +15 +2
Dennis Scarr drew with Bill Spalding -14T +2T

Match Result

CA 14, SCA 16