Golf Croquet Handicap 2010

22 May 2010, Meadows

On the warmest day of the year so far, seven players gathered at the Meadows Club for the SCA Golf Croquet Handicap Tournament.  At the low end of the handicap range were last year's winner Fergus McInnes (2) and Jamieson Walker (3); Jola Jurasinska was next with a handicap of 5, followed by Ian Wright and Jackie Shannon on 6, and George Geis and Hamish Duguid on 7.

Hamish got off to a good start, with 7-4 wins against Fergus (with two free turns to spare) and against Ian.  Sharing the lead after the first two rounds was Jamieson, who had defeated Jackie and George.  But both leaders then lost out at hoop 13 in round 3 - Hamish giving George his first win of the day, while Jamieson lost to Jola, who thus joined them on 2/3.  In round 4, the match between Jamieson and Hamish was a long one, and ended with a 7-5 victory for Jamieson, while Jola remained strongly in contention with a win over George by the same margin.  Further back in the rank order, Jackie had a 7-6 win (over Fergus) to make up for her 6-7 losses in her previous two games.

Jamieson continued his winning streak in the afternoon, beating Fergus 7-1 and Ian 7-3, and was able to enjoy his bye in the seventh and final round in the knowledge that no one could catch up with him, as by this time everyone else had lost at least two games.  The nearest contender was Jola, who ended the day with four wins and two losses (and the satisfaction of being the only one to take a game off the tournament winner).  Jamieson it was, therefore, who received the transparent trophy with its mysteriously embedded filigree butterfly - presented by the manager in continuing warm sunshine at the end of the day in front of all the other players and both the spectators.

Fergus McInnes

(players ordered by games won, then hoops won)

Jamieson Walker (3)  5/6: beat J. Shannon 7-6, G. Geis 7-5, H. Duguid 7-5, F. McInnes 7-1, I. Wright 7-3
Jola Jurasinska (5)  4/6: beat I. Wright 6-4, J. Walker 7-6, G. Geis 7-5, H. Duguid 7-6
Hamish Duguid (7)  3/6: beat F. McInnes 7-4, I. Wright 7-4, J. Shannon 7-2
Fergus McInnes (2)  3/6: beat J. Jurasinska 7-5, G. Geis 7-6, I. Wright 7-2
George Geis (7)  2/6: beat H. Duguid 7-6, J. Shannon 7-5
Jackie Shannon (6)  2/6: beat F. McInnes 7-6, J. Jurasinska 7-4
Ian Wright (6)  2/6: beat J. Shannon 7-6, G. Geis 7-4