Scottish Open 2010

17-18 July 2010, Meadows


Main event (The Moffat Mallet):
Winner: Greg Fletcher
Runner-up: James Hopgood

Consolation event (The Edinburgh Plate):
Winner: Robert Fletcher

Peeling prize: Robert Fletcher (1 SXP + 1 TP)


Main event results in full

First round:
Campbell Morrison beat Robert Fletcher +9
Malcolm Fletcher beat Ray Lowe +12
Andrew Winn beat Alan Wilson +26
Greg Fletcher beat Rosemary Graham +26
Kevin Beard beat Jane Morrison +26
James Hopgood beat Martin Stephenson +10

Malcolm Fletcher beat Campbell Morrison -24tp +26tp +3stp
Greg Fletcher beat Andrew Winn +17tp -13 +26tp
James Hopgood beat Kevin Beard -3 +21tp +16
Peter Landrebe beat Dave Nick +20 -17tp +17tp

Greg Fletcher beat Malcolm Fletcher +25 -26tp +26tp
James Hopgood beat Peter Landrebe -26 +7 +17

Greg Fletcher beat James Hopgood +15tp +18tp

Plate results in full

Rosemary Graham beat Jane Morrison +23
Alan Wilson beat Ray Lowe +2T (24-22)
Robert Fletcher beat Martin Stephenson +12
Rosemary Graham beat Alan Wilson +4
Jane Morrison beat Ray Lowe +7
Robert Fletcher beat Dave Nick +17
Campbell Morrison beat Martin Stephenson +20
Dave Nick beat Rosemary Graham +8
Alan Wilson beat Jane Morrison +21
Martin Stephenson beat Ray Lowe +14
Robert Fletcher beat Andrew Winn +23tp
Campbell Morrison beat Dave Nick +26
Robert Fletcher beat Alan Wilson +24
Kevin Beard beat Rosemary Graham +10qpo
Ray Lowe beat Andrew Winn +6
Martin Stephenson beat Jane Morrison +17
Dave Nick beat Alan Wilson +4
Robert Fletcher beat Kevin Beard +12
Campbell Morrison beat Rosemary Graham +25
Peter Landrebe beat Malcolm Fletcher +25
Martin Stephenson beat Rosemary Graham +1
Robert Fletcher beat Campbell Morrison +17
Kevin Beard beat Alan Wilson +26
Malcolm Fletcher beat Jane Morrison +25
Robert Fletcher beat Peter Landrebe +26sxp


One of Robert Fletcher's attempts to peel white through 3-back in the Plate final, with his opponent Peter Landrebe in the background. (The third attempt, with a split roll to the 1-back pioneer, peeled it most of the way to 4-back.)

Rod Williams approaches lawn 3 to watch Robert's sextuple, while other spectators view the knockout final on lawn 2 and some of the Australians get photographed on lawn 1.

Later stages of the sextuple: the 4-back peel getting a rush to 3-back ...

Robert Fletcher: the rush to 3-back

... the Irish peel through penult ...

Robert Fletcher sextuple: after the penult peel

... the angled rover peel ...

... and the finish.

Greg Fletcher's finish in the knockout final. (Note the changing positions of red and yellow, which were rushed north and south in the course of the straight double peel.)

Greg Fletcher

Greg Fletcher

Greg Fletcher

Greg Fletcher

Greg Fletcher

Greg Fletcher

Greg Fletcher

Greg Fletcher

Greg Fletcher

The trophies awaiting presentation