Secretary Trophy 2010

10 July 2010, Meadows


Ruth Munro --- +5 +1 −4 +7 +4 +1 5 +14
Hamish Duguid −5 --- +1 +3 −3 +5 +1 4 +2
Robert Inder −1 −1 --- −7 +1 +6 +8 3 +6
David Houston +4 −3 --- +4 +7 −7 −4 3 1
Jola Jurasinska −7 +3 +7 −4 --- −2 +2 3 −1
Brian Cosford −5 −1 −7 +2 --- +2 +3 3 −6
Janice Duguid −4 −1 −6 +7 −2 --- +1 2 −5
Jamieson Walker −1 −8 +4 −2 −3 −1 --- 1 −11

Ruth with the trophy in the pavilion.

Summer Weekend 2010

3-4 July 2010, Glasgow

Eleven players were entered for this handicap tournament, but only eight were present at the start.  Jola Jurasinska and Jamieson Walker had arranged to arrive about 11.30am (following Jola's early-morning return from a trip to London to see some of the Wimbledon tennis championship), and by way of compensation had played a game earlier in the week, which Jola had won.  Alan Wilson was the other late arrival, having been allocated a bye in the first round.  So four games began at 9.30 or so, all on the upper (and more level) two lawns at Alexandra Park, and they pitted the West of Scotland residents against the others: Robert Lay (handicap 11) against Esther Jones (8), Tony Whateley (6) against Fergus McInnes (4), Joe Lennon (10) against Hamish Duguid (14), and Malcolm O'Connell (3.5) against Janice Duguid (11).  The lower right lawn was brought into use for a game between Alan (3) and Jamieson (8) once they had arrived, and all three lawns were then occupied for most of the day.

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Bamburgh v Croquet North v Edinburgh 2010

20 June 2010, Bamburgh

Croquet, cricket and castleThere can be few more idyllic settings for a day's croquet than the village green at Bamburgh.  Beneath the imposing towers and ramparts of Bamburgh Castle, the sound of mallet on ball mingles with the whack of willow on leather from the adjacent cricket pitch, while low-flying swallows delight the eye with their aerobatics amongst the hoops.  This was the scene on the Sunday nearest midsummer when players gathered from near and far and from north and south for an innovative three-way match - Bamburgh v Croquet North v Edinburgh.

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Meadows Open 2010

26-27 June 2010, Meadows

The Meadows Open this year attracted a full contingent of 15 players - about as many as could be accommodated, with space on the lawns for 12 to play at once - from across Scotland and beyond.  Representing "beyond" was Esther Jones, whose time was usually divided between South Africa and England.

Saturday began with a contest to predict when the manager, James Hopgood, would arrive.  It was clear by this time (about 09:20) that his own forecast of arriving at 09:10, in time to set things out for a 09:30 start, had been optimistic; amongst the other players Brian Murdoch proved closest with a prediction of 09:29.

So to the croquet, which got started about 09:40.  The format was a flexible Swiss with time limits of 2.5 hours; the players ranged from James at handicap -1 to Jola Jurasinska at 14; the hoops were firmly and tightly set but not too intimidating given the Meadows Club's sandy ground; the weather was benign, with a good deal of sunshine and only a few spots of rain all weekend.

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Kinross 11+ Tournament 2010

7 June 2010, Kinross

Andrew Harvey (3/3) beat Mike Sawyer +6T (16-10), Alasdair Adam +13, Janice Duguid +8
Janice Duguid (2/3) beat Brian Cosford +14, Hamish Duguid +2T (10-8)
Mike Sawyer (2/3) beat Brian Cosford +16, Hamish Duguid +3 (12-9)
Hamish Duguid (1/3) beat Alasdair Adam +11T (14-3)
Brian Cosford (1/3) beat Alasdair Adam +3T (8-5)