SCA AC Interclub 2016

Balgreen won the 2016 AC interclub league, beating Glasgow in the final.    Alastair Burn-Murdoch (Balgreen) beat Brian Durward (Glasgow) +24, and Joe Lennon (Glasgow) beat Roger Binks (Balgreen) +3.  As the match was tied on one game all, Balgreen took the title on net points.

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Switzerland v Scottish Select

4-5 June 2016, CERN

June 4-5 saw a Scottish CA team travel to Geneva to play the Swiss CA in a fixture last contested in 2012, when the Scottish team prevailed at home in Edinburgh. So it was with great anticipation that the team set off for Geneva from the heart of Scotland (and Buckinghamshire), to defend the title and trophy.  The Scottish team captain, for one, had never heard of a quaich before, these not being commonly used as drinking vessels in Buckinghamshire.

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SCA Handicap Doubles 2016

Richard Sparrow and John Surgenor won the 2016 SCA Handicap Doubles final +1T on a golden hoop after 4h 40m of play.  Playing at the Meadows on 29th September,  Robert Inder and Vivien Wightman dominated the majority of the game, but with 40 minutes remaining John managed to get the innings, taking his ball round to the peg and pegging out Vivien's, leaving Robert on penult and Richard on Hoop 5.   Richard managed to get his own ball round to penult when, with less than two minutes remaining, Robert hit in from 30 yards.   He approached penult, but was facing a tricky hoop when time was called, and so as Robert and Vivien were one hoop ahead he retreated into Corner I, leaving Richard's ball north of the peg and John on the north boundary.  John shot at Richard's ball and hit, put Richard's ball about five feet in front of penult and pegged himself out to level the scores.  Robert shot and missed; Richard played gently into the jaws; Robert played gently towards black in case he peeled it, but he missed, leaving Richard to score the golden hoop.

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SCA GC Interclub 2016

The 2016 GC interclub competition is being run as an all-play-all block:

  B E M1 M2 Rubbers Net games Net points Position
Balgreen   0 - 1  1 -3 -7 3
Edinburgh 2   - 1  3 3  +9 1
Meadows 1  - -   -        
Meadows 2 1 1 -    2 0  -2 2

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SCA Handicap Singles 2016

The players in each match are jointly responsible for arranging it, but the first-named player has the casting vote in the choice of venue.  The winner should report the result without delay to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Matches should be arranged as soon as possible.  Deadlines will be strictly enforced.  If a result is not obtained and reported to the manager by the stated date then both players are liable to be eliminated.  In case of difficulty in arranging a tie, contact the manager promptly (well before the relevant deadline).

* These rounds may be revised (“married”) depending on the number of different players remaining.

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