Spalding Trophy 2021

22 August 2021, Knightswood

Due to a disappointing lack of entries from Edinburgh players, there were just two teams, John Owen (2) and Bill Strachan (8) from Aberdeen and Crathes Croquet Club, and Brian Durward (4½) and Stefan Colling (7) from Glasgow Croquet Club. An agreement was made so that GCC provided the lawns, food and drink, while ACCC provided the tournament manager. It was cloudy and humid, with only a couple of light showers in the morning, and quite warm in the afternoon.

As it was a long way to go for just one game of advanced alternate-stroke doubles (the normal format for the Spalding Trophy), the manager devised a Davis-Cup-style tournament with advanced singles, the ASD, and reverse singles. If the singles went according to handicap expectations, then the doubles would be pivotal, and so it proved.

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West of Scotland Championship 2021

25-26 September 2021, Knightswood

The early autumn weather held up throughout the weekend and on Saturday the temperature reached a very comfortable 19°C.  The Knightswood lawns were in reasonable condition and were running at speeds of medium to medium-fast.  The event attracted five players and on both days we were joined by Steve Barnett who was recovering from a fall and able to play one game each day.

In his first croquet competition the field included Reuben Barnett, the 19 year old son of Steve Barnett.  Reuben started coming to the Glasgow Club sessions in late July and was keen to learn both GC and AC.  At the start of the event Reuben was given a handicap of 22 but was quickly reduced to 18 for the second day!  Further reductions may be required!

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Aberdeen Tournament 2021

11-12 September 2021, Albury Outdoor Sports Centre

Seven players hoped to win the Aberdeen Quaich, four from the home club, John Owen (2), Bill Strachan (8), Brian Clark (14) and Robert Bell (16) along with Roger Staples (3), David Houston (3½) and John Henderson (5).   The format was 18-point ACp, 2 hours and 5 minutes duration, all play all.
Round 1 started with the four home players against each other. Bill S beat Brian C 18-6 and Robert B had a surprisingly easy win against John O 18-4. Roger S beat David H 18-14.

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Chairman's Rosebowl and Malmet Trophy 2021

18-20 September, Meadows

The 2021 Chairman’s and Malmet were both played at the Meadows. Aside from a single short shower on the Sunday, the weather was close to ideal with only the falling leaves and the chill in the early evenings hinting at the passing of summer to autumn.

In the Chairman’s, handicaps ranged from -½ to 3½ and with no clear pre-competition favourite, there was the potential for upsets. In the Malmet, two late withdrawals meant the field was reduced to four, with only six ties per competitor rather than the normal ten. Time limits were increased from the standard 2 hours 30 mins to 3 hours 15 mins. Handicaps in the Malmet ranged from 3½ to 8.

Both competitions proved to be close affairs. In the Chairman’s, at the start of Monday after 8 of the 10 rounds had been completed, 5 of the 6 competitors were still in with a chance of winning and there was the potential for a 2, 3 or 4 person play-off.  The decisive match proved to be between Alan Wilson and Chris Martin and the decisive moment came in Alan’s first break. Around Hoop 5, his pivot ball became stuck to the peg, disrupting his approach to hoop six. This let Chris in who went on to win 26-10 to take an unassailable lead in the competition.

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Walker Cup 2021

31 July 2021, Meadows

The Walker Cup was won this year by Andrew Milligan.

There were six entrants for this AC competition, a one-day event, open to players with handicaps of 10 and over. We used an Egyptian format, the winner being decided by the highest ranking from at least four games. Games were 18 point, with a time limit of 1 hour 20 minutes. Standard handicap rules applied.

Fortunes fluctuated as the games progressed but after three rounds the contenders were Andrew Milligan (107), Brian Cosford (104) and Quentin Stevens (104). In the final round Andrew beat Rachel, Brian beat Quentin and Andrew won the tournament by a narrow margin.

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