Middle Bisquers 2004

24-25 July 2004, Meadows

This year's Middle Bisquers' Tournament attracted what was probably a record entry of 10 players - three of whom were above the nominal 3-10 handicap range for the event but justified their inclusion by winning games (without bisques) against lower-handicapped opponents.  One entrant, Campbell Thomson, came all the way from Luxembourg! - though perhaps not exclusively for the croquet: he was visiting his son who was at university in Edinburgh.  At one point, on the night before the tournament, the entry was up to 11 with the addition of Maria Limonci; unfortunately she was ill on the Saturday and had to withdraw, but she came along on Sunday, partly recovered, to watch the last few games.

The format was designated at the outset as "six-round Swiss (additional rounds if games are quick)".  In fact two contestants, Tony Foster and David Appleton, fitted in eight games, and several others played seven.  Tony, the favourite at handicap 3, won seven of his games (the exception being a narrow loss to Geoff Caldwell) and took the trophy.  Fergus McInnes was second with six wins in seven games, having lost only to Tony, though Fergus's first game of the weekend very nearly went the other way: he was several points behind Graham Brooks when time was called, but continued his break, resisting the temptation of a straight peel at 4-back, and pegged out one ball to go one ahead, and won +1 on time when Graham missed his last shot.

Both Tony and David had triple peel attempts that came tantalisingly close to success, with three peels completed but no peg-out.

No report on the weekend would be complete without a mention of the magnificent Sunday afternoon tea provided by Jamieson Walker (with assistance from Brian Murdoch and Helena Speirs while Jamieson was in play): crepes freshly made on a hotplate in front of the pavilion, with fruit, ice cream and Grand Marnier, and delicious scones.  Altogether it was a most enjoyable weekend.  Even the weather was better than forecast, with just a few showers and a lot of warm sunshine.  A few of the spectators and the croquet-addicted manager/reporter/webmaster made the most of it by staying on for a friendly alternate stroke doubles game on Sunday evening.

Fergus McInnes



Winner: Tony Foster (7/8 and +116 on points)
Runner-up: Fergus McInnes (6/7 and +49)
David Appleton 6/8, Geoff Caldwell 5/7, Graham Brooks 3/7, Robert Lay 2/6, Jamieson Walker 2/7, Allan Hawke 2/7, Duncan Reeves 1/5, Campbell Thomson 0/6

Day 1:
Tony Foster beat Campbell Thomson +17
David Appleton beat Duncan Reeves +20
Fergus McInnes beat Graham Brooks +1t (22-21)
Robert Lay beat Jamieson Walker +3t (19-16)
Geoff Caldwell beat Allan Hawke +24
Geoff Caldwell beat Tony Foster +4
David Appleton beat Robert Lay +16
Fergus McInnes beat Jamieson Walker +9
Graham Brooks beat Duncan Reeves +9t (22-13)
Allan Hawke beat Campbell Thomson +20
David Appleton beat Geoff Caldwell +17
Tony Foster beat Allan Hawke +18
Graham Brooks beat Robert Lay +15
Jamieson Walker beat Campbell Thomson +15
Tony Foster beat Fergus McInnes +24
Allan Hawke beat Duncan Reeves +17
Tony Foster beat David Appleton +11
Fergus McInnes beat Geoff Caldwell +12

Day 2:
Tony Foster beat Graham Brooks +14
Fergus McInnes beat David Appleton +17
Geoff Caldwell beat Robert Lay +22
Jamieson Walker beat Allan Hawke +22
Duncan Reeves beat Campbell Thomson +1t (16-15)
Tony Foster beat Jamieson Walker +22
Fergus McInnes beat Allan Hawke +12
Robert Lay beat Duncan Reeves +17t (22-5)
Geoff Caldwell beat Graham Brooks +12
David Appleton beat Campbell Thomson +24
David Appleton beat Jamieson Walker +19
Fergus McInnes beat Campbell Thomson +22
Tony Foster beat Robert Lay +14
David Appleton beat Graham Brooks +17
Graham Brooks beat Allan Hawke +2
Geoff Caldwell w/o Jamieson Walker (conceded at 19-9)