Secretary Trophy 2019

20 July 2019, Meadows

The winner of the Secretary Trophy was Kevin Wright who won all of his games.

The Secretary Trophy is a 14-point competition played to advanced rules with bisques, the lift hoops being 3 and 5. We set a time limit of one hour and twenty minutes plus five minutes for double-banked games.  There were nine entrants, Brian Cosford, Roger Binks, Lyn Gilpin, Joe Lennon, Hamish Duguid, Kevin Wright, Jamieson Walker, Jola Jurasinska, and Stefan Colling.

Sixteen games were played, only six of which went to peg as a number of players were very cautious of the lift hoops. This was often a wise decision as, in a number of games, a careless leave gave the opponent the innings and the opportunity to win the game.

Two spells of torrential rain during the first game meant that we had to abandon play on the East lawn and double-bank on the other lawns. Stefan’s response was to wear his umbrella hat, which may, or may not, have improved his game.

It was a great day of croquet despite the rain.

Brian Cosford (manager)


  RB SC BC HD LG JJ JL JW KW Wins Points
Roger Binks     +1T
+4 -6     -1T
  2 100
Stefan Colling     +9 -9   +1T
2 100
Brian Cosford -1T
-9         +5T
    1 95
Hamish Duguid -4 +9       +7     -2T
2 100
Lyn Gilpin +6         +1T
  -7 -4T
2 100
Jola Jurasinska   -1T
  -7 -1T
Joe Lennon     -5T
  0 90
Jamieson Walker +1T
      +7   +2T
3 110
Kevin Wright   +4T
  4 120


Kevin Wright receiving the trophy from Roger Binks (at a later date)

The players

Stefan Colling