Spring Weekend 2001

28-29 April 2001, Glasgow

Seven entrants played a round robin of handicap play over two days, with time limits 2½ hours. Four rounds were completed on the Saturday which was cool but dry, with the three remaining rounds played on the Sunday which was also cool but dry (something to do with Glasgow’s open-air drink laws?). Six handicaps ranged from 2 to 5, with Alan Wilson being the bisque man holding 18, giving him at least 13 for each game.

Saturday saw Alan beat Jim Taggart (4.5 Saturday) 26-13 and Charlotte Townsend (4.5) 19-12, taking all of the time on each occasion. Then he used his bisques to greater advantage beating Brian Durward (3.5) 26-1, and David Appleton (3) 26-10, but only against David were there bisques left over. So Alan got the lie-in on Sunday with Rod Williams (2) and Bruce Rannie (4) to see to.

Meantime, David and Rod beat Bruce more comfortably than they might have expected, both showing determination and care, David with two clean breaks with one from Bruce in between, and Rod with a chanceless peg-out after Bruce had gone to Rover early on. Rod had already beaten Charlotte 19-17 after she had misjudged the state of the game with the shot on time, taking an easy hoop with no thought for the next one thinking that was the leveller. He had also beaten Jim 26-17 and therefore was the only other player going into the second day 100%.

Brian beat David 26-13, and Jim beat David 26-20 to put him out of contention, and in the final tie of Day 1 Bruce beat Charlotte 26-0DP as his swing got back to normal.

On Sunday, Rod against David was the vital tie if anybody was going to challenge Alan, but David got the better of a class match 26-10. Against Rod, Alan used all his 16 bisques to run Ball 1 to Rover, set up a leave which Rod missed, and then get Ball 2 round, achieving the rover peel and 26-0 peg-out posthumously with the final bisque gone, to give him the Tankard with one round left.

In the lap of honour, Bruce ran Hoop 1 in Turn 1 and left a tice, which Alan ignored. Bruce hit but could not get in front of the hoop, then Alan used six bisques to get to rover. Bruce hit the leave but blobbed Hoop 2. In the sixth turn, Alan used seven of the other eight bisques for the second ball; he attempted the rover peel several times before achieving it and the peg-out again posthumously with the final bisque.

So Alan Wilson of Powfoulis won all six of his games, learning a lot along the way, including that it might not be totally sensible to waste a pivot jammed against a hoop just because it is a possible peelee, costing more than a few bisques to keep a standard four-ball break going. However over the two days, most bisques went in a positive manner, especially because he hardly clanged a hoop, and after the first couple of games, he was not prepared to yield the lawn until Ball 1 was round or both balls were in the box.

Meantime, Jim (now on 5) jammed more hoops than Bruce and lost, and jammed more hoops (especially Hoop 2 on the lower lawn) than Charlotte and lost. Bruce beat Brian by starting with a break in Turn 3, to which Brian responded in Turn 4, but the lead was significant in the end. And finally Manager Yachtsman beat Charlotte in another game of skill and break-building, to pinch second-place on points scored count-back, while Brian also beat Rod 26-0 with two good turns.

Those of us without a dozen bisques showed some good solid break-building and recovery shots whilst playing each other, but Alan, who must have been on the lawns for more than twelve hours, was a worthy winner of the trophy. Brian Durward presented Alan with the prize he himself had won the previous year, thanks were given to David Appleton for his faultless management, including ensuring only two games had "T" in the result, and just as the pints were being pulled across the road, the rain began!

Same again next year – but where were all the others? Three Anglo-based, two Edinburgh, one Powfoulis and one Glasgow took advantage of smooth if a little slow lawns to get the early-season wrinkles ironed out, including how to make Diet Cola the right colour!

Bruce Rannie



Alan Wilson -- 26-10 26-1 26-2 26-0 19-12 26-13 6 149 38
David Appleton 10-26 -- 13-26 26-10 26-10 26-20 20-26 3 121 118
Brian Durward 1-26 26-13 -- 8-26 26-0 19-26 26-16 3 106 107
Bruce Rannie 2-26 10-26 26-8 -- 14-26 26-0 26-14 3 104 100
Rod Williams 0-26 10-26 0-26 26-14 -- 19-17 26-17 3 81 126
Charlotte Townsend 12-19 20-26 26-19 0-26 17-19 -- 26-9 2 101 118
Jim Taggart 13-26 26-20 16-26 14-26 17-26 9-26 -- 1 95 150