Kinross 16+ Tournament 2003

9 June 2003, Kinross

The Kinross 16+ Open Tournament for 2003 was held on Monday, 9th June, on the lawns at the Green Hotel, Kinross.  Note I say lawns because we have now started using a second lawn at the back of the hotel which gives us two full size lawns.

We had a record entry for this year's tournament with six entries from the Edinburgh Club, two from the Glasgow Club and three from Kinross.  The weather was very kind to us being warm and sunny from the hitting off of the first ball at 9.30 to the pegging out in the final at about 7.30 in the evening, and we all enjoyed a lunch together in the Defiance Bar.


With the number of entries it was decided to use a format for the tournament of two partial blocks and playoff between block winners.  The games would be 18 point games with a time limit of one and a half hours, with full bisques off a base of 10 (before scaling).  All players would play three games in the blocks (except one drawn by lot who would only play two).


The winner of each block was decided on the proportion of games won and the net points per game played.

The results were:-

Block A:
Robert Lay (16) 3/3: beat Andrew Harvey +2t (11-9), George Kirk +4t (14-10), Mattie Meiklejohn +4t (15-11)
Andrew Harvey (20) 2/3: beat Peggy Bartlett +4t (11-7), Alex Cowie +6t (13-7)
Alex Cowie (22) 2/3: beat Peggy Bartlett +1t (11-10), Mattie Meiklejohn +6t (12-6)
Peggy Bartlett (22) 1/3: beat George Kirk +3t (10-7)
Mattie Meiklejohn (18) 1/3: beat George Kirk +3t (12-9)
George Kirk (20) 0/3

Block B:
Evelyn Mackenzie (20) 3/3: beat Joe Lennon +1t (12-11), Joyce Cowie +16, Brian Smith +2t (10-8)
Joyce Cowie (20) 2/3: beat Brian Smith +5t (13-8), Joe Lennon +1t (12-11)
Joe Lennon (20) 1/3: beat Betty Blaikie +10
Brian Smith (20) 1/3: beat Betty Blaikie +13
Betty Blaikie (20) 0/2

In the final play off in which we were treated to some good breaks by both players, Robert Lay beat Evelyn Mackenzie +7.  Robert Lay's handicap came down to 14 at the end of the day.

Our thanks are due to Sir David Montgomery and the Manager of the Green Hotel for allowing us to use the lawns and to Fergus McInnes who acted as Manager for the tournament.

We were all very pleased to see Fred Mann who came along to watch during the afternoon and we hope that he will be back playing on the lawn again before long.

Brian Smith