Walker Cup 2003

20 September 2003, Meadows

The 2003 edition of the Walker Cup was held on Saturday 20th September 2003 at the Scottish Croquet Centre (Meadows West, Edinburgh).

This tournament is for players with handicap ten and over, and therefore frequently attracts players who do not compete in other SCA tournaments.  Following comments last year that the tournament lasted too long, it was decided this year to experiment by playing 18-point handicap games.  Combined with a three-round knock-out format with a single game in each round, this enabled the tournament to be completed before 4pm, following a 9:30am start.

Although a 2.5 hour time limit was imposed on games in the first two rounds, it was never required, with all games played to a finish.

The entrants were:

Peggy Bartlett 20
John Clark 14
Allan Hawke 16
Joe Henderson 20
Jean Forshall 20
Joe Lennon 20
Fiona Stewart 20
Sheila Tibbels 20

The draw was made just after 9:30 and play commenced shortly afterwards in persistent drizzle.  By chance the draw had resulted in the first round consisting of 4 “battles-of-the-sexes”, all of which the men won.

By the time round 2 commenced the drizzle had stopped and as play proceeded the sun began to come out.  Allan Hawke won a one-sided semi-final against Joe Henderson, whilst Joe Lennon eventually overcame John Clark in a tense tussle.  Meanwhile in the consolation games Peggy Bartlett and Jean Forshall registered victories to make their day worthwhile!

The final round commenced in intermittent sunshine.  In the third-place play-off John Clark got the better of Joe Henderson.  Meanwhile, the final, contested between Joe Lennon and Allan Hawke, was turning into a battle of wills.  As other games finished and the crowd gathered (eventually rising to a grand total of six) first one and then the other player seemed to have the upper hand.  In the end victory went to Joe Lennon, whose experience told in the end.  Commiserations go to Allan, and congratulations to Joe, who breaks the Edinburgh Club’s monopoly on the Walker Cup!

John Clark


(consolation games in parentheses)

Round 1
Joe Lennon beat Peggy Bartlett +15
Joe Henderson beat Fiona Stewart +12
John Clark beat Sheila Tibbels +15
Allan Hawke beat Jean Forshall +16

Round 2
Joe Lennon beat John Clark +4
Allan Hawke beat Joe Henderson +17
(Peggy Bartlett beat Sheila Tibbels +8)
(Jean Forshall beat Fiona Stewart +7)

Joe Lennon beat Allan Hawke +4

(3rd/4th place playoff)
(John Clark beat Joe Henderson +10)


Pictures of the first round (by Fergus McInnes):

Joe and Joe double-banked.

Joe Henderson's opponent Fiona Stewart hits the ball stuck in penult.

Joe Lennon's opponent Peggy Bartlett takes a shot.

Sheila Tibbels makes a successful approach to 3-back.

Allan Hawke escapes from a hampered position after 1-back.  (He roqueted white.)

Allan's opponent Jean Forshall stalks her shot.

John Clark plays the first peg-out of the tournament to win his game against Sheila.