Edinburgh Tournament 2003

11-16 August 2003, Fettes

Some things about the Edinburgh Tournament never change.  So this year's tournament was held during the first week of the Edinburgh International Festival, on five courts (only 90% full-size, but with slopes to compensate) measured out on the cricket pitch of Fettes College.

Other things vary from year to year, and 2003 was the year of the Nailsea Fringe - six players from Somerset who made the long train journey from the stifling heat of the south to the more comfortable temperatures of the Scottish summer, and who were particularly welcome in view of the absence of some of our usual entrants which would otherwise have left the numbers very low.  The reference to comfortable temperatures is not ironic, as it would have been in some years, since we were treated to a week of almost perfect weather.  Umbrellas were used to keep off sun rather than rain, the swamp on court 1 was transformed into something more like a sandy desert, and the run-off on downhill croquet strokes recalled to Fettes veterans the tricky conditions of 1995 and 1996.

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CA of Ireland v SCA 2003

10-11 August 2003, Carrickmines

The Scottish Croquet Association retained the Appleton Trophy after a 6-6 draw with the Croquet Association of Ireland at Carrickmines on Sunday and Monday 10-11 August.

When this annual fixture is played in Ireland, it follows the Irish Championships, alternating with the equivalent fixture with the CA.  Unfortunately this year the SCA could field a team of four players only, which was well-matched by the CAI selections.

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Switzerland v Scottish Select 2003

26-27 July 2003, Geneva

(Swiss names first)

Day 1

Peter Payne beat Malcolm Smith +26
Norman Eatough lost to Jamieson Walker −17
Dave Underhill beat Charlotte Townsend +8
David Payne lost to Rod Williams −8

P Payne beat Walker +19
Eatough beat Smith +26
Underhill lost to Williams −9
D Payne lost to Townsend −7

P Payne & D Payne beat Townsend & Smith +13
Eatough & Underhill lost to Williams & Walker −1

Day 2

Ian Sexton beat Townsend +23
P Payne lost to Williams −20
Underhill beat Smith +14
D Payne lost to Walker −15

Sexton beat Williams +26
P Payne beat Townsend +26TP
Underhill beat Walker +20
D Payne beat Smith +4t (20-16)

(The second day's doubles were not played.)

Switzerland 11, Scotland 7

Powfoulis Tournament 2003

3 August 2003, Powfoulis

Players: Allan Hawke (6 bisques), Joe Lennon (8), Fergus McInnes (1.5), Alan Wilson (3.5).

After only two entries last year it was good to have four players contesting this year's tournament which was run as short croquet with one-hour time limits.  Manager and defending champion, Fergus, organised the tournament with his customary efficiency so we played each other twice, once on each lawn, before and after lunch.  The lawns were as good as they have ever been but still a long way short of the description "lawns".  As in the past the best technique for rushing seemed to be to jump the striker's ball so that it landed just behind the object ball and rushed it in the desired direction.

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Scottish Open 2003

19-20 July 2003, Meadows

With eight contestants in this year's Scottish Open, manager Chris Dent organised the main event as a knockout with best-of-three matches throughout.  He had been in some doubt as to the risk of running into time trouble, and considered playing single games in the first round, after seeing how fast the lawns were earlier in the week, but damp weather on Thursday and Friday made the conditions easier and the full best-of-three format was adopted - a decision vindicated by events.

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