Powfoulis Tournament 2004

1 August 2004, Powfoulis

The lawns at the Powfoulis Hotel are always challenging, and this year the difficulty was compounded because the grass was longer than usual.  Not only was there the familiar danger of bouncing over the top of the target ball when attempting a roquet, but even if you managed to hit the ball head-on it would rarely rush more than half-way to your hoop.  Conditions got a little easier in the afternoon as the sun broke through and dried off the damp grass, but even so three quarters of the games went to time, in contrast to last year when all were finished within the allotted hour.

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Middle Bisquers 2004

24-25 July 2004, Meadows

This year's Middle Bisquers' Tournament attracted what was probably a record entry of 10 players - three of whom were above the nominal 3-10 handicap range for the event but justified their inclusion by winning games (without bisques) against lower-handicapped opponents.  One entrant, Campbell Thomson, came all the way from Luxembourg! - though perhaps not exclusively for the croquet: he was visiting his son who was at university in Edinburgh.  At one point, on the night before the tournament, the entry was up to 11 with the addition of Maria Limonci; unfortunately she was ill on the Saturday and had to withdraw, but she came along on Sunday, partly recovered, to watch the last few games.

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Scottish Open 2004

17-18 July 2004, Meadows

This was the second year of the new-format Scottish Open pioneered by Chris Dent - a weekend knockout event with best-of-three matches in the later rounds, designed to attract a wider and stronger entry than the previous format of two separate weekends.  In 2003 this succeeded in bringing two players from the northwest of England, and they shared the prizes, Bob Burnett winning the Moffat Mallet in the main event while Dave Nick took the Edinburgh Plate.  Both were back this year, and were joined by two more minus players, Don Gaunt and Jonathan Kirby.  Seven players from Scotland and Tyneside with handicaps from 0 to 5 completed the entry.  Chris himself, the runner-up last year, was not able to be present to make another attempt on the Mallet, as his new job in Germany did not allow him any time off in the first few months.

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Wilkinson Sword 2004

4 July 2004, Glasgow


Brian Durward (4.5), Robert Lay (12) - Glasgow
Geoff Caldwell (6), Maria Limonci (14) - Edinburgh
Jamieson Walker (6), Alan Wilson (8) - Meadows


Meadows beat Edinburgh +12t (24-12)
Meadows beat Glasgow +9