Scottish Golf Croquet Championship 2004

3 July 2004, Meadows

Jamieson Walker -- +2 +3 −2 +4 +4 +1 +4 6
Geoff Caldwell −2 -- +2 +3 +1 +5 +3 +2 6
Bill Spalding −3 −2 -- +1 +5 +3 +3 +4 5
Rod Williams +2 −3 −1 -- +2 +2 +4 +6 5
Joe Lennon −4 −1 −5 −2 -- +1 +2 +5 3
Charlotte Townsend −4 −5 −3 −2 −1 -- +4 +6 2
George Anderson −1 −3 −3 −4 −2 −4 -- +2 1
Maria Limonci −4 −2 −4 −6 −5 −6 −2 -- 0

Winner (on who-beat-whom): Jamieson Walker

Meadows Open 2004

26-27 June 2004, Meadows

Eight players took part in this year's Meadows Open.  Handicaps ranged from 2 to 14, and weather from warm sunshine to several hours of rain.  Manager Brian Murdoch was taking notes which will probably be converted into a report some time soon.  [Or not...  - Ed, April 2005.]  Meanwhile here are some results.

Winner: Brian Murdoch
Runner-up: Fergus McInnes
(These two and Jane Shorten were tied on five wins each after seven rounds of games; placings were decided on net points.)

Kinross 16+ Tournament 2004

14 June 2004, Kinross

Kinross Croquet Club held its annual open tournament for players with a handicap of 16 or over on Monday 14 June, 2004.  This tournament which has now become a favourite for high handicap players in Scotland attracted nine entries, three entrants from the home club being joined by four contestants from the Edinburgh Club and two from Glasgow.

Tony Whateley from Glasgow, a newcomer to tournament play, won the tournament, beating fellow Glasgow Club member Joe Lennon by 4 points on time (15-11) in the final, after some very close games in the earlier rounds.

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Home Internationals 2004

19-20 June 2004, Wrest Park

Wrest Park is a wonderful setting for croquet, provided that is you can find the lawns.  The place itself - a large country estate with formal parkland looking more like a French chateau or a German palace than an English house - is easy to find.  Just South of Bedford, it's an English Heritage site and also now a government agricultural research institute.  However, when David and Eileen Magee and myself turned up at 5:30pm on the Friday afternoon, we gave up hope of seeing what the lawns were like after twenty minutes of looking for a way to reach them.

On the Saturday morning all became clear: to find the way in you turn up with someone who's been there before, walk past all the buildings, climb over a gate, make your way through a maze of farmyards and walk a few hundred yards through some trees.  The view is worth it when you get there!

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East v West of Scotland 2004

5-6 June 2004, Meadows

A match between the East and West of Scotland was held in June 2003 as part of the celebrations for the opening of the new National Croquet Centre at Meadows West.  The format was designed to make it an inclusive event, with advanced play on the first day and handicap play on the second, results not counting for the Automatic Handicap System, and no fee for entry.  The formula proved successful enough to ensure a repetition this year.

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