Scottish Masters 2004

22-23 May 2004, Meadows

Five players contested the Scottish Masters this year, with handicaps ranging from scratch to 3½.  It was decided to run the event as an American block followed by a knock-out; the bottom player in the block would drop out, top would play fourth and second would play third.  A suggestion that all games should then count in the final decision about who had won was rejected on the grounds that the final game could then be meaningless.

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Basil Townsend Quaich 2004

24 May 2004, Auchincruive

Auchincruive extended its usual hospitality to the players who came from across the breadth, if not the length, of Scotland to represent their clubs in this year's contest.  From east to west, they were Fergus McInnes (Edinburgh, handicap 4), Alan Wilson (Powfoulis, 9) and Joe Lennon (Glasgow, 18).  The home club was represented by Steven Boyne (20), who was playing in his first ever tournament but clearly had a good grasp of both stroke-making and break tactics.  The sun shone, though a cool breeze blew from time to time; the lawn was in excellent playing condition; and several spectators, including three generations of the Smith family, turned out to join the players and manager for afternoon tea.

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Welsh CA v SCA 2004

8-9 May 2004, Dyffryn

(Welsh names first)

Day 1

Chris Williams & Brian Shorney beat Brian Murdoch & John Seddon +4
Garry McElwain & Kevin Ham lost to Bruce Rannie & Jamieson Walker -1t (20-21)
Chris Williams drew with Brian Murdoch +1t (22-21), -18
Garry McElwain drew with Bruce Rannie +17, -25
Kevin Ham beat John Seddon +16t (25-9), +4t (19-15)
Brian Shorney beat Jamieson Walker +19, +24

Day 2

Chris Williams & Brian Shorney lost to Bruce Rannie & Jamieson Walker -9
Garry McElwain & Kevin Ham lost to Brian Murdoch & John Seddon -6t (14-20)
Chris Williams drew with Bruce Rannie -6, +26TP
Garry McElwain beat Brian Murdoch +9, +6
Kevin Ham drew with Jamieson Walker +12, -12
Brian Shorney beat John Seddon +10, +6t (22-16)

Match Result

WCA 13, SCA 7

Croquet North v SCA 2004

15-16 May 2004, Tyneside

Peter McDermott writes:

Where to start?  Well the weather was great.  The Scots were too good for us.  The restaurant on Saturday night turned out to be a disappointment.  But this was compensated by Sheila's excellent daily fare.  The teams were:-

Scotland - Bruce Rannie (0), Jim Taggart (4), Jamieson Walker (7) and Alan Wilson (9)

CN - Peter McDermott (2.5), Derek Watts (5), Phil Errington (7) and David Turner (10).

Day one went much to form and ended five games all.

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Secretary Trophy 2004

8 May 2004, Meadows


Alan Wilson -- +8 +5 +8 3
Joe Lennon -8 -- -3 +9 1
Rab Campbell -5 +3 -- -1t 1
George Anderson -8 -9 +1t -- 1