Basil Townsend Quaich 2008

24 May 2008, Auchincruive

James Hopgood (Meadows, 2.5) won vs Malcolm Smith (Auchincruive, 12) by +1 on time.  As was only appropriate with so many bisques, Malcolm made all the early running taking ball 1 to to rover although using rather too many bisques.  James was for a long period unable to hit in and also found the lawn very slow compared with the Meadows, so was unable to take a couple of chances as his approaches were just not working.  Malcolm finally got his second ball to 4-back but ran out of bisques.  James then eventually began to hit and to get a good break or two going.  Both players had great trouble with an apparently very tight 4-back (had seemed OK when it was hoop 3!) but as time drew near James took his forward ball to rover.  Malcolm hit in, time was called and Malcolm failed yet again at 4-back.  James won +1 on time.

James Hopgood won vs Allan Hawke (Edinburgh, 6) +11.  I saw little of this as I went and did my Mum's shopping, but both players were by then playing well, though James was well in control by the end with Allan's few bisques all gone.

With James having won, Malcolm and Allan decided to return to domestic duties rather than play for 2nd place.

Malcolm Smith