Golf Croquet Handicap 2008

14 June 2008, Meadows

This was the first golf croquet tournament to be played in Scotland under the new WCF handicap system.  This made giving handicaps to individual players a bit difficult.

Provisional handicaps had been given to most players a fortnight earlier in the East versus West match (in which the games did not count for the automatic handicapping system) and they were used as the basis for handicaps used today.  It is a tribute to Jamieson Walker’s handicapping that seven out of the 28 games played were decided at hoop 13, and another six at hoop 12 - almost a half of all the games.

A time limit of one hour was set for games.  Only two of the games went the full distance, and both involved Jola (4) who beat James (1) and Jamieson (2) in closely fought games.

After three rounds out of seven only James and Jola had not lost a game while Brian, Jackie, Jamieson and Vivien had just lost one.  After the fourth round the leaders' wins were unchanged, suggesting it was anyone’s tournament to win.

One round later Jola was one win ahead while Jackie and Jamieson joined James with three wins each.  In the penultimate round Jola, James and Jamieson each won their games.

In the final round Jamieson lost his game to Vivien and was out of contention.  James played Jackie (the only player to beat Jola) and won a close game at the twelfth hoop.  But Jola beat Joan 7-3 to keep her one win lead, a worthy winner.  A beautiful, small crystal pillar has been presented, and when a base has been made for it Jola will have the pleasure of seeing her name on it.

Ian Wright


The players (minus manager and photographer Ian Wright): Joan Marshall, Brian Cosford, Jackie Shannon, Vivien Wightman, Jola Jurasinska, Jamieson Walker and James Hopgood.



(players ordered by games won, then hoops won)

Jola Jurasinska (4)  6/7: beat J. Walker 5-3, I. Wright 7-4, V. Wightman 7-4, J. Hopgood 6-4, B. Cosford 7-6, J. Marshall 7-3
James Hopgood (1)  5/7: beat B. Cosford 7-5, I. Wright 7-6, J. Marshall 7-0, V. Wightman 7-6, J. Shannon 7-5
Vivien Wightman (4)  4/7: beat B. Cosford 7-4, J. Walker 7-5, J. Marshall 7-4, I. Wright 7-0
Jackie Shannon (5)  4/7: beat J. Marshall 7-1, J. Jurasinska 7-5, V. Wightman 7-6, J. Walker 7-4
Jamieson Walker (2)  4/7: beat J. Marshall 7-3, B. Cosford 7-6, J. Hopgood 7-4, I. Wright 7-5
Brian Cosford (4)  2/7: beat J. Shannon 7-6, I. Wright 7-6
Joan Marshall (5)  2/7: beat B. Cosford 7-4, I. Wright 7-5
Ian Wright (3)  1/7: beat J. Shannon 7-3