Meadows Open 2008

28-29 June 2008, Meadows

Nine players entered the 2008 Meadows Open, which the manager decided to play as an incomplete American block of seven rounds (more on this later).  With 2½ hour time limits this would give everybody six games each, plus one round sitting out, which helped accommodate the various leave requests he had received.  So far, so good, and the manager was particularly pleased to find that the format meant that there was always somebody available to do the sandwich run.

David Appleton had a good win against James Hopgood beating him +1 after James had left two balls on the lawn with David on 4-back and himself on the peg.  James pulled off a quadruple peel against Brian Murdoch, having broken down at 3-back.  Peeling 3-back after 4, and 4-back before 1-back, he finished with a straight double peel, though not without many mishaps and recoveries on the way.  The only other successful peeling break came from Campbell Morrison with a triple against Tony Whateley, though there were many attempts.  The two shots of the tournament though came from Joe Lennon, who shot with red at blue and black, which presented a double roughly three yards south and a little west of 4-back.  He missed both of them, but instead ran 4-back, red's hoop, by a few inches.  He turned round and fired at blue and black through the hoop, this time successfully.

Going into the last round, James was in the pavilion with four wins.  Jane and Campbell were also on four wins and Brian and David on three each.  With David due to play Jane and Brian playing Campbell, the tournament was wide open, with the possibility of five players finishing with four wins each - a possibility that filled the manager with dread as he had decided to resolve tie-breaks of three or more players using matchpoints, a process described by the CA in their tournament regulations.  (Whether the process is recommended or not is unclear, though the manager has now formed his own opinion.)  Jane quickly went to 4-back and penult with David still on 1 and 1.  However David then raised his game and finished +7.  This meant that in the double-banked game, if Campbell could beat Brian he would be the only player on 5 wins.  Brian quickly went to 4 back with his first ball, setting a diagonal spread leave.  Campbell hit with the lift shot and went to 4-back.  Brian missed the long lift shot and Campbell went to the peg, deciding not to attempt a triple.  Brian missed the lift shot and Campbell set off to finish, but broke down at penultimate, letting Brian in.  Following a fortuitous rush peel at 4-back while making 3, Brian embarked on a triple.  Though the peelee bounced off the wire at penultimate during the death roll to 2-back, he still got good position on his pioneer but failed the hoop.  Campbell hit the five yard lift shot to finish, leaving Campbell the clear winner on five wins and Jane, David and James all on four each.  Assisted by Fergus, the manager then retired to calculate matchpoints and emerged to announce David Appleton the runner up.  (Fortunately this was also the intuitive result as David had beaten both of the other two players on four wins in his matches against them.)

Campbell Morrison



Winner (Muffin Dish): Campbell Morrison
Runner-up (Biscuit Plate): David Appleton

Campbell Morrison, 5 wins  (beat FMcI +16, TW +20 tp, JL +12, DA +20, BM +9)
David Appleton, 4 wins  (beat BM +1(t), JH +1, FMcI +16, JS +7)
Jane Shorten, 4 wins  (beat CM +5, AW +15, JH +22, FMcI +16)
James Hopgood, 4 wins  (beat JL +2(t), BM +9 qp, AW +24, TW +17)
Brian Murdoch, 3 wins  (beat JL +26, AW +11(t), JS +7)
Fergus McInnes, 3 wins  (beat TW +17, JL +18, AW +24)
Alan Wilson, 2 wins  (beat TW +4, JL +10)
Tony Whateley, 2 wins  (beat DA +17, JL +1(t))
Joe Lennon, 0 wins