Walker Cup 2008

6 September 2008, Meadows

Nine players contested the Walker Cup on a cool and windy Saturday at the Meadows.  Duncan Reeves, the holder, came through from the west, as did fellow Glasgow member Robert Lay, while the Meadows Club was represented by Brian Cosford, Robert Inder and Jola Jurasinska, and the Edinburgh Club by Hamish and Janice Duguid and Morven Wardley; Joan Marshall could claim membership of both Edinburgh and Meadows.  Handicaps ranged from Robert Inder's 14 to Joan's and Jola's 20.

The tournament was run as a knockout with additional games, and comprised four rounds of 18-point games with two-hour time limits, with full bisques off a base of 10 - scaled down appropriately so that the number of bisques per player ranged from three to seven.  To encourage participation in the extra games, there were consolation prizes - unspecified at the start, but revealed at the end to be the Manager's Bananas, which went to Morven Wardley and Hamish Duguid as the two players who had only one loss.  Robert Inder took the Cup, with wins over Duncan in the first round, over Janice in what could be a rehearsal for the delayed Scottish Short Croquet final (though that was to be played on Janice's home ground at Lauriston), and over Hamish in the final.

Several players had decent-sized breaks in the course of the day, and almost half the games reached a peg-out within the two hours.  I think a good, if somewhat chilly, time was had by all.

Fergus McInnes
(manager and banana-buyer)



Spot the coin!  Jola and Joan prepare to play.

Robert pegs out to win the final while his opponent Hamish looks on from the far boundary.




Jola Jurasinska beat Robert Lay +5T (15-10)

Morven Wardley beat Brian Cosford +3
Hamish Duguid beat Jola Jurasinska +2T (10-8)
Robert Inder beat Duncan Reeves +17
Janice Duguid beat Joan Marshall +4T (11-7)

Hamish Duguid beat Morven Wardley +1T (14-13)
Robert Inder beat Janice Duguid +7T (15-8)

Robert Inder beat Hamish Duguid +11

Additional games

Robert Lay beat Brian Cosford +8
Duncan Reeves beat Joan Marshall +4T (10-6)
Janice Duguid beat Jola Jurasinska +2T (8-6)
Duncan Reeves beat Robert Lay +13
Brian Cosford beat Joan Marshall +15
Morven Wardley beat Duncan Reeves +6
Brian Cosford beat Janice Duguid +1T (11-10)
Jola Jurasinska beat Joan Marshall +10T (15-5)