Middle Bisquers 2008

14-15 June 2008, Glasgow

Six players entered, so the competition was run as all play all with 3-hour time limits, leaving time for a playoff if necessary.  The contestants were, in order of handicap:

Campbell Morrison 3.5
Alan Wilson 5
Allan Hawke 6
Tony Whateley 8
Joe Lennon 9
Robert Lay 14

Sun shone for most of both days with only a brief shower on Saturday.  The hoops were firm but easy and the lawns of variable pace - slow on the moss and very fast over the dry brown areas especially the E side and corner 4 of lawn 1.

Most games had several errors allowing both contestants several chances to win although Campbell played well against Alan with breaks to 4b and peg in turns 5 and 7.  Five of the 15 games went to time with four involving Tony.  All games went with handicap meaning Campbell won the trophy with 5/5.  No playoff was needed and the last match finished just before the West End festival parade marched past with its attendant bands, dancers and stilt walkers.

Alan Wilson


The players: from left to right, Joe, Campbell with the Adam Trophy, Alan, Robert and Allan (Tony behind the camera).



Campbell 5/5: beat Alan +22, Allan +15, Tony +5T (24-19), Joe +18, Robert +24
Alan 4/5: beat Allan +17, Tony +7, Joe +13, Robert +23
Allan 3/5: beat Tony +8T (21-13), Joe +19, Robert +15
Tony 2/5: beat Joe +7T (24-17), Robert +1T (19-18)
Joe 1/5: beat Robert +1T (22-21)