Edinburgh Tournament 2014 - photographs

Edinburgh Tournament, 4-9 August 2014: photographs by Fergus McInnes and Chris Martin



Roger Binks playing a slightly hampered roll.


Martin Stephenson prepares to peel his opponent Fergus McInnes's blue ball through penult in the first round of the doubles ...

... and, having done two peels, lines up the peg-out (which he missed).

Fergus McInnes and Lyn Gilpin and her fence of bisques during their evening singles game on court 6.

Fergus nearing the end of his all-round break, with his red and Lyn's blue and black on rover and yellow for the peg.


Chris Martin and Alan Wilson in their doubles semi-final against Rachel Frith and George Geis.


Golf Croquet players: Martin Stephenson, George Geis, Myra Fell, Bob Darling, Chris Martin, Norman Hicks and Rosemary Saunders Robertson ...

... and James Hopgood.


The doubles semi-final on court 2, with Brian Durward in play.

Charles Henderson with the Walter B. Laing Trophy for the 14+ event.

Alan and Chris discuss their tactics in the doubles final against Lyn and Fergus.

Watching the doubles final.

Preparing for the presentations: Hamish Duguid, Ian Wright and Fergus McInnes.

James Hopgood gets the Cramond Cup for winning the Open.

Event 3 (8+) winner Alistair Malcolm.

Chris Martin and Alan Wilson with the Norton Wright Trophies for the Doubles.

Alan Wilson receives the Edinburgh Croquet Cup.

Graham Brightwell with the Milne Trophy.

Martin Stephenson and the Golf Croquet Plate.

Fergus McInnes gets the Lauder Bowl.