Malmet Trophy 2014

20-22 September 2014, Meadows

Bob Darling, Hamish Duguid, Janice Duguid, Bryan Sykes, Jamieson Walker and Alan Wilson contested this year's Malmet Trophy for the second best six available SCA members.  As the Chairman's Rosebowl was being held at Kelvingrove this gave the opportunity for all games to be single banked and manager Wilson decreed that games should be of 2½ hours' duration.

Following Brian Murdoch's advice he allocated specific players to set out the lawns on each of the three days of competition which was well received by the players.   Given the tight timescale he also warned that any player failing to start a game within five minutes of being requested to do so would suffer the sanction of their balls being deemed in corners I and III and their opponent being allowed to start.  This had the desired effect and there was very little delay between games, although Bryan Sykes on the first morning and Alan Wilson on the last were nearly caught out by transport delays.

The players were seeded by ranking/handicap and matches played according to David Appleton's Double Round Robin giving an order of Bryan, Alan, Bob, Janice, Jamieson and Hamish.  In the first Bryan defeated Hamish fairly quickly having gone to 4-back then starting a tp only to break down after being hampered at Hoop 5. The other two games in the round were much tighter with Alan finally defeating Bob and Jamieson beating Janice.

Subsequent rounds saw more games finished with some interesting endings, usually involving Bryan. Against Janice he pegged his second ball off in the time turn to tie the game then finally scored the "golden" hoop to win. Against Bob, Bryan again took his second ball to peg only to have Bob peg it off and win the end game. Meanwhile Alan had won his games against Janice, Hamish and Jamieson, quite convincingly.

Only Janice and Hamish failed to complete all four rounds on the first day and pegged their game down in gathering gloom to be completed at a suitable time later on.  This meant that Sunday started with round 5 where everyone played their nearest opponent. The game between Bryan and Alan was the best of the competition.  Bryan hit fourth turn and went to 4-back. Alan missed and Bryan took his second ball to peg leaving Alan in the jaws of penult and two yards NE of rover, giving himself a rush to slightly S of the peg. Alan lifted the ball near rover and shot down E boundary, reasoning that, if he missed, Bryan would still have difficulty making 4-back and could give away an opportunity for another lift shot. In the event Bryan narrowly failed to get position at 4-back and gave Alan an easy start which he took to 4-back and then his second ball to peg after Bryan missed the lift. Bryan then hit the lift shot, made 4b and penult but broke down at rover. Alan hit and finished in a game with only one real error.

Over the rest of the competition Alan continued to play consistently well, making good breaks and, usually finishing when he had the opportunity thus winning the trophy without losing a game.  Only Bryan and Alan had triple attempts with both players peeling 4-back on several occasions but failing to make the subsequent peels.

Alan Wilson


  AW BS BD JD JW HD Wins Net
Alan Wilson   +3 +6t +17 +21 +23 10 131
+7t +14 +20 +5t +15
Bryan Sykes -3   -5 +1t +22 +22 6 65
-7t +1t +19 +16 -1t
Bob Darling  -6t +5    -17 +3 +14 4 -5
-14 -1t -10 -4t +25
Janice Duguid  -17 -1t +17    -5t -2t 4 -8
-20 -19 +10 +16 +13
Jamieson Walker  -21 -22 -3 +5t    +5t 3 -75
-5t -16 +4t -16 -6t
Hamish Duguid  -23 -22 -14 +2t -5t    3 -108
-15 +1t -25 -13 +6t