Summer Weekend 2014

5-6 July 2014, Glasgow

Martin Stephenson won the Summer Weekend, played at Alexandra Park in generally pleasant conditions with just a few brief showers - winning five of his seven games, despite giving away bisques in all of them as the lowest handicapped player in the tournament.  David Houston was not far behind with 4/5, having lost only to Martin.

Twelve players were entered, but Robert Lay was available only on Sunday, and so the number on Saturday was 11, and a late start was on offer, which was taken up by Richard Sparrow.  The Glasgow Club members playing full-time were Joe Lennon and Tony Whateley.  They were joined by seven players travelling from Edinburgh - Hamish and Janice Duguid, Jamieson Walker, Jola Jurasinska, Fergus McInnes, David Houston and Martin Stephenson - and Alan Wilson from the intermediate territory of Polmont.  The attendance on Sunday was reduced to 10 because Jamieson and Jola withdrew with fitness problems (a cataract and a foot injury respectively).

After quite a long day's play on Saturday the leaders were Martin and Richard, both on 110 points in the "Egyptian" scoring system - Martin having played four games and lost only to Hamish, and Richard having got only two games into the day after his delayed start but won them both.  Also with only one loss each (from three games) were David, Hamish, Jola and Fergus, and Hamish had started a game against Jamieson, which was pegged down (with Hamish leading 15-0) since at this stage Jamieson was still expecting to be back on Sunday.

Sunday morning saw Richard take the lead (on 115 points) with a win over Martin, while Hamish was credited with a win on Jamieson's withdrawal to reach 108, but then lost to David, who thus strengthened his position to 110 points, ahead of Martin and Alan (who had a good win over Fergus with a double peel to finish) on 105 and Hamish on 103.  Robert won a long game against Janice (25-18) to join the third-place group on 105, but having played only one game so far he would need three very quick games to reach the qualifying criterion of four games completed by the 6pm guillotine and be in contention for the trophy.

Alan continued his good form with another double peel finish in his second game of the day to inflict Richard's first defeat.  Now Alan, on 111, and Martin, on 110 again after a win over Robert, were set to play each other in the afternoon, while David increased his rating to 112 by beating Tony and now had a race against time to complete and win a game against Fergus so as to equal or overhaul the winner of Alan and Martin.

It was Martin who came out ahead against Alan and thus stood on 115 points.  If David pegged out by 6pm he could get to 116 and just overtake.  Could he do it?  It was looking possible after some good play by David, but he broke down, letting Fergus in and losing vital time, and could only end up at 21-1, with the game unfinished and hence not counting for the tournament.

The final standings can be seen below, with a photograph of most of the players in Sunday evening's sunshine.

Fergus McInnes

("Egyptian" system):

1. Martin Stephenson (handicap 2)  5/7, 115 points:  beat David Houston +10, Joe Lennon +10, Fergus McInnes +2, Robert Lay +15, Alan Wilson +17
2. David Houston (12)  4/5, 112:  beat Alan Wilson +26, Janice Duguid +11, Hamish Duguid +1T (12-11), Tony Whateley +19
3. Richard Sparrow (18)  3/4, 109:  beat Tony Whateley +23, Hamish Duguid +21, Martin Stephenson +7
4. Hamish Duguid (9)  4/6, 108:  beat Tony Whateley +21, Martin Stephenson +24, Jamieson Walker +26, Fergus McInnes +19
5. Alan Wilson (3.5)  4/7, 106:  beat Tony Whateley +20, Joe Lennon +10, Fergus McInnes +16, Richard Sparrow +10
6. Jola Jurasinska (14)  2/3, 104:  beat Alan Wilson +17, Jamieson Walker +20
7. Robert Lay (14)  1/2, 100:  beat Janice Duguid +7T (25-18)
8. Fergus McInnes (3.5)  3/6, 98:  beat Janice Duguid +11, Jola Jurasinska +4, Tony Whateley +12
9. Janice Duguid (5)  2/5, 96:  beat Jamieson Walker +12, Joe Lennon +8
10. Joe Lennon (9)  2/5, 93:  beat Jamieson Walker +8, Tony Whateley +19
11. Jamieson Walker (7)  0/4, 83
12. Tony Whateley (3.5)  0/6, 76

Players from left to right: Hamish Duguid, Joe Lennon, Janice Duguid, Fergus McInnes, David Houston, Robert Lay, Martin Stephenson, Alan Wilson, Richard Sparrow.