Kinross 11+ Tournament 2014

2 June 2014, Kinross

The winner of the 2014 Kinross 11+ Tournament was Brian Clark, following his success in the same event last year.

The seven entrants for this year’s tournament were greeted by lightly overcast skies, a moderate westerly breeze and seasonally warm temperatures. Traditionally the tournament is played on full lawns but, as only the single lawn at the north side of the hotel was playable, the short croquet 14-point game format was chosen.

Play commenced shortly before 10am with entrants divided into two Blocks of three rounds followed after lunch by the Semi-Finals and Final.

Block  ‘A’ – Carolyn Clark, Brian Clark, Ian Graham and David Young, 

Block ‘B’ – Rachel Frith, Simon Robins and Alistair Malcolm.

Round 1.

David (playing in his first croquet competition) and Carolyn enjoyed a close game, with Carolyn prevailing (12-10).

Ian and Brian battled hard, with Ian getting into his stride early and winning (13-9).

Rachel opened well in her game against Alistair on an unfamiliar lawn but Alistair pegged out at (14-2).

Round 2.

This round saw all visiting players finding their full stride and becoming familiar with the vagaries of the Kinross lawn.  Brian and David’s game went to a golden hoop which Brian scored decisively (11-10).  Carolyn and Ian’s game ended with Ian going to peg at (14-8).  Simon and Alistair’s game also went to peg with Simon winning a convincing (14-8) with Alistair never missing an opportunity to wire himself!

Round 3.

Another round of interesting games and as with Round 1 the ‘golden hoop’ rule came into play as Ian and David were drawn.  David was well positioned and took full advantage by running his hoop at pace (7-6).

Brian and Carolyn played with good humour but with Brian’s uncanny ability to accurately place pioneers and consistently run hoops on a difficult lawn the outcome was an inevitable win to Brian (14-6).

Rachel and Simon played with Simon dominating to peg out at (14-4).

Semi Final.

Brian’s form continued into the semi-finals beating Alistair 14-10 and Simon won a tight match against Ian (12-10).


Following afternoon tea hosted by the home club, the Final commenced between our two friends from Crathes Croquet Club.  Simon and Brian tussled with their match which had the potential to go either way until Brian broke free and proved himself to be a worthy winner by running convincingly to peg (14-6).

Other matches played in the afternoon were (winner first):

Alistair v Ian (14-6).

Carolyn v Rachel (10-6).

Play concluded at 5pm followed by Brian being presented with his prize and the taking of group photographs.

Our thanks go to the staff of the Green Hotel, Kinross, who provided a good lunch and gave the preparation of the lawn their best efforts.

An enjoyable day of croquet was had by all!

Alistair Malcolm

The players at the end: from left to right, Rachel Frith, Ian Graham, Brian Clark, David Young, Simon Robins, Alistair Malcolm and Carolyn Clark (with a timestamp unadjusted for summer time).