Golf Croquet Handicap 2014

28 June 2014, Meadows

As there were ten entrants for this year's Tournament, the event was run using the Egyptian System to allow seven rounds to be played and still leave time for a short lunch break.

Jamieson had sourced small flat lollipop sticks and these were trialled, with some success, to use in exchange for free turns.  I note James appears to be in the minority of those who prefer the pleasure of strolling the lawn to pull markers.

By the end of the fifth round, John Graham remained unbeaten and was comfortably leading the points table.  However, in round six he lost a game and going into the final round he, George Geis and Janice Duguid were on 115, 112 and 110 points respectively.  Although they all recorded wins in their final game, it was John who prevailed and received the plaudits for winning the Tournament.

The resulting handicap changes were John 4 to 3, George 8 to 7 and Anne 8 to 9.

Hamish Duguid


John Graham          117    6/7
George Geis           116    5/7
Janice Duguid         112    4/7
Lyn Gilpin               105    4/7
Jamieson Walker     100    4/7
Lesley van Vleit        99    3/6
Hamish Duguid          97    3/7
Anne Prees              91    2/6
Carolyn Clark             84    1/7
Joan Marshall            79    1/7