Basil Townsend Quaich 2014

14 June 2014, Auchincruive

Malcolm Smith, playing for Auchincruive won the Basil Townsend Quaich.   Rather sadly only one other club entered.   Malcolm's 26-15 victory over Richard Sparrow of Glasgow means Auchincruive have won it three years in a row, something that has not been achieved for the 'Ayrshire-based' inter-club competition since Auchincruive won the then Piersland Rosebowl in 1990-1992 at the Piersland Hotel in Troon.

These were the last three years of the Piersland Rosebowl in that guise.   The trophy disappeared with the folding of the Piersland Club due to a change of ownership at the hotel and Charlotte Townsend generously presented the new Basil Townsend Quaich for this inter-club competition. However eventually the trophy reappeared in a charity shop in Troon in 2001. It was recognised (although mistakenly CC was deciphered as 'Curling Club' - tch tch) and rescued. Now of course, that original trophy is presented for the winners of the SCA East v West v North event.

Malcolm Smith