Aberdeen Tournament 2014

13-14 September, Albury and Westburn

David Houston, winner Aberdeen Tournament 2014

David Houston won the Aberdeen handicap tournament, beating Alasdair Adam 9-5 in the final.   The tournament was played on the bowling greens of Albury Sports Centre and the Westburn Bowling Club with four blocks, the winners of each going into the semi-finals and then a final.    In order to fit the tournament into the weekend all games were 18 point games with time limits of 1 hour and 50 minutes, with the exception of Block 3 where there were only four players and so the games were 26 point with three hour time limits.

On the Saturday night the players were treated to a grand civic reception by the Lord Provost in the Bruce room in Aberdeen Town House and then a magnificent dinner in the Royal Northern and University Club.    On Sunday morning with the last round still to be played the blocks were still not decided.   However the eventual winners were David Houston, James Hopgood, Alasdair Adam and Jim Wilson.   In the Albury semi-final David beat James +18 with bisques standing, while at Westburn there was a much closer battle between Alasdair Adam and Jim Wilson with Alasdair eventually coming out on top 13-9.

All the players then gathered at Albury for the finals on the show court in front of a large crowd of local club members and volunteers.   Even the police made an appearance keeping a close eye on the games and the crowd.  In the third/fourth place play-off James Hopgood took his first ball round to penult, and then looked on track to complete the double peel only to come to grief at the peg-out with a grievous, to loud and raucous involvement from the crowd who had a perfect view as the partner ball was rushed to the peg.   Jim had a chance of making James pay for his error and collecting a big scalp in his very first tournament, but by that time didn't have quite enough bisques left to do so and James managed to peg out soon afterwards winning 18-12.

In a closely fought final David Houston was ahead nearing the time limit.   Alasdair used his half-bisque to set up a leave, intending to cross-wire David's balls at 1-back with his own balls at 6.  However he didn't quite achieve the cross-wire.   David missed the shortish shot leaving Alasdair a laid break and needing to make four hoops in the time turn to draw level.    However it wasn't to be and David emerged the winner 9-5 on time.

Many thanks are due to Crathes Croquet Club for keeping us fuelled with tea, coffee, Pimms, sandwiches and butteries all weekend; to the Lord Provost for inviting us to the Town House;  and to Sport Aberdeen for the use of the two facilities.   Congratulations also to Bill Strachan whose handicap came down from 18 to 16 on Saturday night and to Alasdair Adam, down from 16 to 14 on Sunday night.

Campbell Morrison


Presentation of trophy



David Houston beat Alasdair Adam 9-5

Third/Fourth place play-off

James Hopgood beat Jim Wilson 18-12

Semi Finals

David Houston beat James Hopgood 18-0
Alasdair Adam beat Jim Wilson 13-9

Block 1

  DH HD IH CH HB Wins Points
David Houston (11)   15 11 11 12 3 49
Hamish Duguid (9) 13   13 5 18 2 49
Ian Hall (6) 12 12   15 4 2 43
Charles Henderson (16) 4 7 10   12 2 33
Howard Bowron (4½) 10 2 18 9   1 39

Howard Bowron beat Ian Hall 18-4
David Houston beat Charles Henderson 11-4
Charles Henderson beat Howard Bowron 12-9
David Houston beat Hamish Duguid 15-13
Hamish Duguid beat Howard Bowron 18-2
Ian Hall beat Charles Henderson 15-10
David Houston beat Howard Bowron 12-10
Hamish Duguid beat Ian Hall 13-12
Ian Hall beat David Houston 12-11
Charles Henderson beat Hamish Duguid 7-5


Block 2

  JH RS BC JD SR Wins Points
James Hopgood (-1½)   18 0 18 18 3 54
Roger Staples (2½) 14   16 13 18 2 61
Brian Clark (14) 18 14   18 3 2 53
Janice Duguid (5) 4 15 1   16 2 36
Simon Robins (14) 6 17 18 6   1 47

Brian Clark beat Janice Duguid 18-1
James Hopgood beat Roger Staples 18dp-14
Brian Clark beat James Hopgood 18-0
Roger Staples beat Simon Robins 18-17
Simon Robins beat Brian Clark 18-3
James Hopgood beat Janice Duguid 18dp-4
Janice Duguid beat Roger Staples 15-13
James Hopgood beat Simon Robins 18-6
Roger Staples beat Brian Clark 16-14
Janice Duguid beat Simon Robins 16-6


Block 3

  AA JM RB BB Wins Points
Alasdair Adam (16)   23  14 26  3 63
Jane Morrison (1½)  6    26 26  2 58
Robert Bell (18)  11  11   26  1 48
Bob Burnett (0)  3 1  18    0 22

Alasdair Adam beat Robert Bell 14-11
Jane Morrison beat Bob Burnett 26-1
Alasdair Adam beat Bob Burnett 26-3
Jane Morrison beat Robert Bell 26-18
Alasdair Adam beat Jane Morrison 23-6
Robert Bell beat Bob Burnett 26-18


Block 4

  JW BS CM BD TR Wins Points
Jim Wilson (12)   18 18 15 15 3 66
Bill Strachan (18) 7   18 18 8 2 51
Campbell Morrison (-½) 8 7   18 18 2 51
Brian Durward (6) 16 1 8   14 2 39
Tom Ryan (16) 7 10 7 9   1 33

Brian Durward beat Tom Ryan 14-9
Jim Wilson beat Bill Strachan 18-7
Bill Strachan beat Campbell Morrison 18-7
Jim Wilson beat Tom Ryan 15-7
Jim Wilson beat Campbell Morrison 18-8
Bill Strachan beat Brian Durward 18-1
Campbell Morrison beat Tom Ryan 18-7
Brian Durward beat Jim Wilson 16-15
Campbell Morrison beat Brian Durward 18dp-8
Tom Ryan beat Bill Strachan 10-8



Howard Bowron beat Roger Staples 18-0
Bob Burnett beat Tom Ryan 26-23
Jane Morrison beat Brian Durward 18-11