Middle Bisquers 2014

14-15 June 2014, Glasgow

An eleventh hour entry by Brian Durward brought the number of entrants in this year's tournament to six. Brian was making a welcome return to competitive play after a work-enforced absence of some 10 years.

Although this is a level play tournament, the entrants were ordered by current handicap and, thanks to a David Appleton design, then went on to play in a seeded American Block.

At the end of day 1, Robert Inder was the sole player not to have lost a game, although he had required a golden hoop to win against Hamish.

After the penultimate round on the Sunday morning, with Joe beating Robert I. and Janice beating Brian, we were left with the possibility of a three way tie. However, Brian showed signs of his fast-returning form by then beating Robert I. whilst Joe beat Robert Lay and Janice came from behind to beat Hamish in her final turn.

While Janice and Joe both finished on four wins, Janice won the Tournament by dint of having beaten Joe in their particular tie.

Congratulations to Janice and also to Joe, who deservedly reduced his handicap to 9.

Hamish Duguid


Janice Duguid (5)   beat   R Lay +12, J Lennon +14T, B Durward +15 & H Duguid +1T
Joe Lennon (10)  beat   H Duguid +3T, B Durward +16, R Inder +3T & R Lay +8
Robert Inder (4)   beat   J Duguid +13T, H Duguid +1T & R Lay +17
Hamish Duguid (9)  beat    B Durward +7T & R Lay +3T
Brian Durward (4.5) beat    R Lay +11 & R Inder +2T
Robert Lay (14)   -