Basil Townsend Quaich 2018

22 July 2018, Auchincruive

Glasgow, represented by Richard Sparrow, won the 2018 BTQ. On a dry, if not sunny day, four teams competed for the trophy: Auchincruive (Kevin Wright), Balgreen (Roger Binks), Glasgow (Richard Sparrow), and Meadows (Lorna Dewar). Three rounds of 18-point games were played with 2¼ hour time limits. Going into the last round, Richard managed to survive a late surge by Lorna to make it three wins out of three and win the trophy.

Kevin Wright


  G A M B Wins Pos'n
Glasgow   +3t (8-5) +2t (12-10) +5t (13-8) 3/3 1
Auchincruive -3t (5-8)   +1t* (12-11) +18 2/3 2
Meadows -2t (10-12) -1t* (11-12)   +9 1/3 3
Balgreen -5t (8-13) -18 -9   0/3 4

* Golden hoop

Kevin Wright presenting the trophy to Richard Sparrow

The BTQ players