Walker Cup 2018

18 August 2018, Meadows

This AC competition is open to players with handicaps of 10 and over and the format chosen was a three round Swiss of 18-point games. The games had a time limit of 2 hours 15 minutes plus 3 minutes per bisque. Standard handicap rules applied.

Hamish Duguid was the winner of the 2018 Walker Cup, having won all three of his games. The six players were Brian Cosford, Jamieson Walker, Kevin Russell, Rachel Frith, Hamish Duguid and Jola Jurasinska. All games went to the peg and in round one the winners were Hamish, Jola and Jamieson. In round two Hamish, Brian and Jola won their matches so that Jola and Hamish each had two wins. In the final round Hamish convincingly beat Jola 18-6. Congratulations to Hamish on his victory.

Brian Cosford


  Wins Beat
Hamish Duguid 3 Kevin Russell +8, Jamieson Walker +8, Jola Jurasinska +12
Jola Jurasinska 2 Brian Cosford +12, Kevin Russell +8
Jamieson Walker 2 Rachel Frith +4, Brian Cosford +3
Brian Cosford 1 Rachel Frith +8
Kevin Russell 1 Rachel Frith +13
Rachel Frith 0  


Jola Jurasinska beat Brian Cosford 18-6
Hamish Duguid beat Kevin Russell 18-10
Jamieson Walker beat Rachel Frith18-14

Hamish Duguid beat Jamieson Walker 18-10
Brian Cosford beat Rachel Frith 18-10
Jola Jurasinska beat Kevin Russell 18-10

Hamish Duguid beat Jola Jurasinska 18-6
Kevin Russell beat Rachel Frith 18-5
Jamieson Walker beat Brian Cosford 18-15

Hamish Duguid receiving the trophy from manager Brian Cosford