CA v SCA 2018

1-2 September 2018, Middlesbrough

The CA retained the Glasgow Quaich, with a 17-7 win over the Scottish CA.

When the Scots came to Albert Park two years ago (winning 16-8) their team, including two minus players, was nominally the stronger; this time round the comparison was more in favour of the CA's - as it turned out. We were fortunate this year to have wonderfully warm and sunny conditions over the whole weekend.

Most competitors were able to join in a convivial supper at a local restaurant after play on the Saturday. Thanks are owed to Glynis & John Parks and to Barbara & Peter McDermott for helping in the pavilion over lunchtimes.

Charles Waterfield, Manager


Beatrice McGlen (Nottingham) -½ John Surgenor (Glasgow) 1
Andrew Killick (Middlesbrough) ½ Derek Knight (Beverley) 2
Phil Errington (Belsay Hall) 1 Alan Wilson (Balgreen) 1½
Derek Watts (Tyneside) 1 Alistair Malcolm (Meadows) 4
Charles Waterfield (Middlesbrough) 2½ David Houston (Meadows) 5
Roger Staples (Middlesbrough) 2½ Bob Darling (Balgreen) 6


All games were level advanced (double-banked) with fairly tight time limits of 2½ hours for singles and 3 hours for doubles.  On Saturday a round of doubles was followed by two rounds of singles in the afternoon.  On Sunday there was a second round of doubles and a final round of singles.  In the case of singles the top three in each team played each other; the lower three likewise.  For doubles, pairings were across the two 'blocks'.


(CA names first)


McGlen & Staples beat Surgenor & Darling +10
Killick & Waterfield beat Knight & Houston +10
Errington & Watts beat Wilson & Malcolm +9

McGlen lost to Surgenor beat -6T (16-22)
Killick beat Knight +15
Errington beat Wilson +16T (24-8)
Watts beat Malcolm +9T (20-11)
Waterfield lost to Houston beat -10T (9-19)
Staples beat Darling +20

McGlen beat Knight +17
Killick lost to Wilson -15
Errington beat Surgenor +4T (23-19)
Watts beat Houston +17
Waterfield beat Darling +13
Staples beat Malcolm +11


McGlen & Waterfield beat Surgenor & Houston +16
Killick & Watts lost to Knight & Malcolm -5
Errington & Staples beat Wilson & Darling +4

McGlen lost to Wilson -10
Killick lost Surgenor -2T (20-22)
Errington beat Knight +13
Watts lost to Darling -2T (18-20)
Waterfield beat Malcolm +1T (14-13)
Staples beat Houston +12 (24-12)


The two teams