Wilkinson Sword 2018

29 July 2018, Knightswood

Five pairs competed for this year's SCA doubles trophy in Glasgow in a round-robin format with each club pairing playing four 14-point games. The Knightswood lawns continue to improve and despite intermittent rain remained reasonably fast throughout the day. Round 1 produced a very close game between Aberdeen and Meadows which eventually (there was a bisque allocation problem discovered mid-game) resulted in Meadows winning by two hoops in time. Round 2 produced a different type of incident related to the calling of time and Aberdeen with a final turn ended up winners by three hoops. The Glasgow pair of Brian Durward and Peter Martin improved as the day progressed and produced a good round 5 finish where Martin pegged out to beat Balgreen 14-0. Meadows with a pairing of Roger Binks and Campbell Thomson played well throughout the day and won all of their games in good style. Well done Meadows, this year's winning club!

Lessons learned: bisque allocation in 14-point doubles games requires division by four (not two Meadows!) and call of "time" is best made by a neutral person with their back turned away from play.

Brian Durward


  A&C B E G M Wins
Aberdeen & Crathes
Bill Strachan & John Owen
  +7 +3 +1t
Charlotte Townsend & Lorna Dewar
-7   +14 -14 -13 1
Alan Wilson & Rosemary Saunders Robertson
-3 -14   -14 -13 0
Brian Durward & Peter Martin
+14 +14   -7t
Roger Binks & Campbell Thomson
+13 +13 +7t


The winning Meadows team