SCA Handicap Doubles 2018

The players in each match are jointly responsible for arranging it, but the first-named pair has the casting vote in the choice of venue. The winners should report the result without delay to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Matches should be arranged as soon as possible. Deadlines will be strictly enforced. If a result is not obtained and reported to the manager by the stated date then both pairs are liable to be eliminated. In case of difficulty in arranging a tie, contact the manager promptly (well before the relevant deadline).



By 24 June By 22 July By 26 August On 6 October Winners
Lyn Gilpin & Robert Lay Lyn Gilpin & Robert Lay
+6T (24-18)

Lyn Gilpin & Robert Lay

David Houston & George Plant
Chris & Peter Martin
+8T (17-9)
Brian Durward & Kevin Wright
  Bill Strachan & John Owen
  David Houston & George Plant David Houston & George Plant
+3T (16-13)
  Charles Henderson & Allan Bicket
Alan Wilson & Rosemary Saunders Robertson Richard Sparrow & John Surgenor
Richard Sparrow & John Surgenor
Chris & Peter Martin
+3T (23-20)
Richard Sparrow & John Surgenor
  Allan Hawke & Rachel Frith
  Hamish & Janice Duguid Chris & Peter Martin
  Chris & Peter Martin


The Doubles Final

The finalists

It was a battle. A slow doughty tactical battle. We gave no quarter and few chances. We frustrated. We defended. I left it late to go round to peg. My dad sneaked hoops when he could. We split them up and hid. We used bisques to close down positions as much as open them up. 

We were fortunate. Red had a good three-ball break but broke down at 1-back. And with the three hour time limit running out, yellow hit in. I had foolishly left blue and black in the centre, joined up. Yellow had a three-ball break, and was one rush away from a four-ball break, and a break that would give them the win by a single hoop.

Always use two rushes rather than one when you can. Advice not taken. A poor rush led to yellow not getting hoop running position at 4 and having to retreat. So our balls went to the corners and we ran out victors. 17-9. Martin and Martin, SCA Doubles Champions 2018. A red-letter day. A day to remember. 

We bought our opponents a drink in Bennets.  Victory celebrations only dampened by learning about the end of the Archie and Shaggy era at Thistle. Sad news indeed.

Chris Martin