Scottish Golf Croquet Championship 2008

2 August 2008, Glasgow


Martin Murray 6 wins: beat Jackie Shannon 7-0, Keith Mackenzie-Ross 7-3, Bill Spalding 7-4, Joe Lennon 7-5, Jola Jurasinska 7-5, Jamieson Walker 7-5.
Bill Spalding 3 wins: beat Jola Jurasinska 7-1, Jamieson Walker 7-2, Keith Mackenzie-Ross 7-3.
Jola Jurasinska 3 wins: beat Joe Lennon 7-6, Jackie Shannon 7-4, Jamieson Walker 7-6.
Jamieson Walker 3 wins: beat Joe Lennon 7-4, Jackie Shannon 7-6, Keith Mackenzie-Ross 7-1.
Keith Mackenzie-Ross 3 wins: beat Jola Jurasinska 7-4, Joe Lennon 7-6, Jackie Shannon 7-2.
Jackie Shannon 2 wins: beat Joe Lennon 7-2, Bill Spalding 7-6.
Joe Lennon 1 win: beat Bill Spalding 7-5.

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SCA v Federazione Italiana Sport Croquet 2008

26-27 July 2008, Meadows

It took five Scots to play three Italians on the occasion of the first match between the SCA and the Federazione Italiana Sport Croquet, which took place at Meadows West in fine weather on the weekend of July 26th and 27th.  The Italians were Edoardo Lualdi (1), Andrea Pravettoni (4) and Gianni Leoncini (8); the Scots played James Hopgood (1.5), David Appleton (1.5), Fergus McInnes (3.5), Allan Hawke (7) and Jamieson Walker (9) in such a way as to try to give close matches in three doubles and nine singles games.

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Wilkinson Sword 2008

13 July 2008, Meadows and Glasgow

The Wilkinson Sword (interclub handicap doubles) was scheduled to be played in Glasgow, but with only three clubs entered, and hence one game on at a time, the Glasgow players suggested that the two Edinburgh-based teams should play their game in Edinburgh and then travel west (together or separately) to play Glasgow.  This left the morning free for the Glasgow team, and meant that one of the other teams could have some time off after the first game and then travel mid-afternoon if they so desired.

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Scottish Open 2008

19-20 July 2008, Meadows

Dave Nick, from the Crake Valley Croquet Club in Cumbria, won the 2008 Scottish Open, defeating the top seed David Openshaw in a closely contested best-of-five final.  It was Dave's sixth attempt at the championship, and he has now held all three leading positions, having won the Edinburgh Plate in 2003 and been runner-up in the main event in 2004.  (He also won the peeling prize in 2007.

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Secretary Trophy 2008

12 July 2008, Meadows

In contrast to last year, when only four players entered, there were 10 in contention for the Secretary Trophy this year.  Handicaps ranged from Tony Whateley's 7 (reduced from 8 on the previous Saturday's results) to the maximum of 20 shared by Hamish and Janice Duguid and Jola Jurasinska.  Robert Inder, who had come down to 18 last weekend, was now playing off 16 after an adjustment by the handicappers.  Also playing were Campbell Thomson and Duncan Reeves (both at 14), Joe Lennon (11), Ian Wright (10) and Jamieson Walker (9).  The non-playing part-time manager, Fergus McInnes, decided on a six-round Swiss format, and left Tony in charge during the afternoon while he went off to play at Lauriston, but returned just in time to help sort out the pairings for the fifth round.  Games were played to 14-point advanced rules with bisques (hoops 3 and 5 as the lift hoops), with 90-minute time limits.

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