Croquet North v SCA 2008

3-4 May 2008, Tyneside

Three players from Edinburgh - James Hopgood, Fergus McInnes and Allan Hawke - travelled down the A1 on Saturday morning for their first experience of the Tyneside Club's lawns in Exhibition Park.  The other quarter of the SCA team had a shorter journey and more familiarity with the venue, being Newcastle resident David Appleton.  On the Croquet North side, locals Phil Errington and David Turner were joined by Charles Waterfield and Peter McDermott from Middlesbrough.  The logistics were in the capable hands of Bruce Rannie (another Tyneside Scot), and Sheila and Derek Watts kept us all well fed and looked after throughout the weekend.

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Spring Weekend 2008

26-27 April 2008, Meadows

This year's SCA Spring Weekend was well-attended (15 players each day) and warm for the time of year (15 degrees Celsius each afternoon).  Contrary to the forecasts, it wasn't wet.  After what had been a chilly April so far, it was a pleasant change to be able to sit outside in comfort without jacket or gloves during the sunny periods which made up large parts of both days.  The lawns were playing nicely, helped by the efforts of Brian Murdoch, who turned up early on Sunday morning to give the grass an extra cut.

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Glasgow Open 2008

12-13 April 2008, Kelvingrove

Bruce Rannie retained the Glasgow Open cup with five wins out of five, with Jane Shorten runner-up.  The field of seven, missing eight-time winner John Surgenor because of work commitments, and Campbell Morrison because of a wrist injury caused by ski-ing in Scotland, enjoyed surprisingly bright if cold April weather, slow early-season courts, and the usual bonhomie.

Bruce Rannie

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