Summer Weekend 2008

5-6 July 2008, Glasgow

Twelve players entered for this handicap tournament, but four withdrew for a variety of reasons, leaving a field of eight.  Handicaps ranged from Fergus McInnes's 3.5 up to Robert Inder's 20, with a spread of players between: Bill Spalding on 4.5, Alan Wilson on 5, Tony Whateley on 8, Alice Fleck and Joe Lennon on 10, and Robert Lay on 16.

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Meadows Open 2008

28-29 June 2008, Meadows

Nine players entered the 2008 Meadows Open, which the manager decided to play as an incomplete American block of seven rounds (more on this later).  With 2½ hour time limits this would give everybody six games each, plus one round sitting out, which helped accommodate the various leave requests he had received.  So far, so good, and the manager was particularly pleased to find that the format meant that there was always somebody available to do the sandwich run.

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Middle Bisquers 2008

14-15 June 2008, Glasgow

Six players entered, so the competition was run as all play all with 3-hour time limits, leaving time for a playoff if necessary.  The contestants were, in order of handicap:

Campbell Morrison 3.5
Alan Wilson 5
Allan Hawke 6
Tony Whateley 8
Joe Lennon 9
Robert Lay 14

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Welsh CA v SCA 2008

21-22 June 2008, Dyffryn

It was midsummer, the weather had been rainy, and the lawns in the sheltered valley of Dyffryn Gardens were accurately described at the start of the match as "wet and scalped".  (This was a lot better than "wet and shaggy", and with only moderate rain during the match itself the lawn speed remained very acceptable throughout.)  Four Scottish players, but only three mallets, arrived variously by car and plane.  The players were Bruce Rannie (handicap -0.5), Martin Stephenson (1.5), David Appleton (1.5) and Fergus McInnes (4).  The missing mallet was Martin's, misplaced by KLM in the course of his return from Canada, where he had reached the final of the Canadian Open two days before.

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Golf Croquet Handicap 2008

14 June 2008, Meadows

This was the first golf croquet tournament to be played in Scotland under the new WCF handicap system.  This made giving handicaps to individual players a bit difficult.

Provisional handicaps had been given to most players a fortnight earlier in the East versus West match (in which the games did not count for the automatic handicapping system) and they were used as the basis for handicaps used today.  It is a tribute to Jamieson Walker’s handicapping that seven out of the 28 games played were decided at hoop 13, and another six at hoop 12 - almost a half of all the games.

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