Scottish Short Croquet Championship 2017

20 August 2017, Balgreen

This season saw Kinross Croquet Club pass the mantle for organising this tournament to Balgreen Croquet Club. The event went on to attract 11 entrants, several of whom were making a welcome, but all too rare, appearance on the tournament scene.  With players' handicaps ranging from 3½ to 24, the club's supply of bisques was, on occasions, stretched to the limit!

Play at Balgreen did not allow for the customary stop for lunch at the Green Hotel, Kinross but that did not otherwise diminish the spirit in which this tournament is always played.  As the day progressed, it became clear that one of Lorna Dewar, Robert Lay or Joe Lennon would be the likely winner.  Sadly for Lorna, after four straight wins, she fell victim to both Joe and Robert in her final two games.  At the end of the day Robert and Joe were tied on 5 wins from 6 games but, based on the tie-break criteria, it was Joe who deservedly won the day.

Hamish Duguid


Joe Lennon 5/6
Robert Lay 5/6
Lorna Dewar 4/6
Janice Duguid 3/5
Roger Binks 3/5
Alistair Malcom 2/4
Hamish Duguid 2/4
Rosemary Saunders Robertson 1/5
Rachel Frith 1/5
Gerald Johnson 1/5
Peter Martin 1/5