Wilkinson Sword 2017

23 July 2017, Knightswood

Kevin Russell of BalgreenThis was the first time this competition has been played at Knightswood, Glasgow and 10 expectant doubles players gathered early on the Sunday morning ready to battle for the wonderful Wilkinson Sword trophy.  Last year's winners Aberdeen and Crathes arrived early to allow Brian Clark to park his car in full view of the lawns (he had a bed on top). 

Round 1 saw Aberdeen and Crathes shoot into a 1 win lead with Balgreen and new boy Kevin Russell  also winning.  Was this to be a repeat of last year's win for Aberdeen and Crathes?  

Round 2 again saw Aberdeen and Crathes take another win and this time Meadows staked a claim with a good win over Glasgow.  It was coffee time and much chocolate cake was then distributed by Glasgow in an attempt to distract the Aberdonians.  It worked!  Round 3 saw Aberdeen and Crathes fall to a close defeat from Meadows and the competition was again wide open.

Round 4 and Aberdeen suffered another defeat to an improving Glasgow who won 18-11.  Without much fuss Balgreen also won their second match beating Edinburgh (too much cake!) 18 - 9.

Round 5 was therefore a final between Meadows and Balgreen with Balgreen running out winners 14 - 3 by the end of time.  Well played Balgreen and especially Kevin in his first tournament.

Brian Durward


(18 point games)

  A&C B E G M Wins Net points
Aberdeen & Crathes   +8 +15 -7 -6 2 +10
Balgreen -8   +9 +3T
3 +15
Edinburgh -15 -9   -18 +1T
1 -41
Glasgow +7 -3T
+18   -10 2 +12
Meadows +6 -11T
+10   2 +4


Aberdeen & Crathes Malcolm Robertson &  Brian Clark
Balgreen Allan Hawke & Kevin Russell
Edinburgh Alan Wilson & Rosemary  Saunders Robertson
Glasgow Brian Durward & Robert Lay
Meadows Alistair Malcolm & Roger Binks