Glasgow Open 2010

17-18 April 2010, Alexandra Park

Although we had hoped to have eight entries this year, unfortunately Robert Lay had to withdraw due to illness, so the other seven, plus Bruce Rannie, the manager, turned up on a cold mid-April Saturday morning to play five rounds with a possible final to decide the winner.  The magnificos were:

Campbell Morrison (1), Malcolm O’Connell (3.5), Alan Wilson (3.5), Bill Spalding (4), Jamieson Walker (9), Joe Lennon (11) and Jola Jurasinska (16), playing in her first Advanced tournament.

Two Blocks (seeded by handicap):

Block A:
Campbell Morrison
Bill Spalding
Jamieson Walker
Jola Jurasinska

Block B:
Malcolm O’Connell
Alan Wilson
Joe Lennon
Mr Bye

Cross-Blocks with additional game, time limit 2 hrs 45 mins.

On very slow and sandy lawns, players found it generally hard work.  In Round One, Malcolm took two hours to beat Jola.  Jamieson shocked Alan +5T after a first half which was all Alan followed by a second half all Jamieson.  Bill beat Joe +12T, and, like Jamieson, had to settle for 25 points.


In Round Two, in sunshine, Malcolm defied the conditions to complete a mainly-tidy TP against Jamieson, requiring a clinical combination (bombardment) pegout.  Alan put together three tidy breaks to beat Jola, and Campbell failed to beat 24 while scoring his first win over Joe.

In Round Three, Malcolm beat Bill easily, Campbell beat Alan comfortably, and Jola conceded her first competitive lift-shot but lost on time to Joe.  So at the end of the first day, including points awarded for beating Mr Bye, the competition was wide open.

Sunday was colder and wet, making the lawns even slower (timed at about seven seconds).  Over the two days, seven of the fifteen games went to time.  In Round Four, Alan beat Malcolm with steady play.  Campbell beat Bill on time in a game neither could finish off – near time first Bill blobbed 4-back, then Campbell hit a long lift after shooting past the ball at 4-back but then failed penult, and finally Bill, needing three points to win in the turn after time, missed a hampered roquet after 4-back to lose by one.  Jamieson beat Jola on time.  So this meant that Round Five, between Campbell and Malcolm, would decide the event if Campbell won, but would require a further game between the two if Malcolm won.

In the event Campbell was well on course for a safe 9-12-5 three-break victory, but failed to get in front of penult in the third break.  Malcolm hit, made a start, but came unstuck at six, from which Campbell finished to win the Glasgow Open for the first time.  Meantime Joe beat Jamieson running eight points to finish just before the bell went, and Alan survived a three-ball ending after Bill hit the 4-back/peg lift and despatching the peg ball, because time ran out.

Results in sequence:

Round One: Malcolm O'Connell bt Jola Jurasinska +25, Jamieson Walker bt Alan Wilson +5T (25-20), Bill Spalding bt Joe Lennon +12T (25-13).
Round Two: Malcolm O'Connell bt Jamieson Walker +24TP, Alan Wilson bt Jola Jurasinska +23, Campbell Morrison bt Joe Lennon +9T (24-15).
Round Three: Malcolm O'Connell bt Bill Spalding +22, Campbell Morrison bt Alan Wilson +16, Joe Lennon bt Jola Jurasinska +4T (20-16).
Round Four: Alan Wilson bt Malcolm O'Connell +21, Campbell Morrison bt Bill Spalding +1T (20-19), Jamieson Walker bt Jola Jurasinska +6T (19-13).
Round Five: Campbell Morrison bt Malcolm O'Connell +21, Joe Lennon bt Jamieson Walker +7, Alan Wilson bt Bill Spalding +3T (24-21).

Bruce Rannie