Scottish Masters 2010

15-16 May 2010, Meadows

Meadows Captain, James Hopgood, was as good as his word and arrived early on Saturday morning to set new hoop positions.  He had underestimated the time needed and despite help from Alan Wilson, Fergus McInnes and Martin Stephenson play did not start until 09.50.   The format was a flexible Swiss with 3 hour time limits with the hope that most players would manage more than 6 games.

In round 1 most players found the hoops tighter than in previous years caused by a combination of their having been refurbished and the new hoop holes and only two games were finished, Alan winning quickly against Bill Spalding and James finally overcoming Jamieson.  James had tried to lay up for a Lady’s sextuple but ran 1-back when he tried to jaws the hoop and nearly lost when he finally found out how to jaws with his back ball, at penult on a finishing turn.  Joe Lennon claimed a triple against Jola Jurasinska although it was on different balls, in different turns and at hoops 4, 5 and 1-back and he finally won 18–13.  In the other games Fergus beat Bryan Sykes 17–14 and Martin finally overcame Tony Whateley, 18-17 after blobbing the go-ahead hoop when time had been called.

Thereafter most games were finished inside the time limits although James and Alan struggled in round 2 with James winning 22–20 after taking the lead in his final turn.

Triples were attempted by several players but only Martin, in his game against James, and James in a second game against Bill, managed to complete one.  James’s was made after he had failed to take croquet against Martin and involved a combination peg out after he failed to peg out peelee back through Rover.  In other games, James had three peels versus Fergus, and Martin had a good break in turn 4 and the chance of one in turn 6 against Fergus (who helpfully failed hoop 1 in turns 3 and 5) but still lost on time.

In the end James retained his trophy comfortably with 8 wins out of 9, Fergus continued [or resumed: see Croquet North v SCA results for the intervening lapse] his good form from the Spring Weekend to come in as runner up with 5 out of 6, and Joe Lennon brought his handicap down to 10.

Alan Wilson
[with a few pedantic edits by Fergus McInnes]


James Hopgood (8/9) beat Jamieson Walker +7, Alan Wilson +2T (22-20), Bill Spalding +25,+19tp, Tony Whateley +24, Fergus McInnes +25, Bryan Sykes +14, Joe Lennon +26
Fergus McInnes (5/6) beat Bryan Sykes +3T (17-14), Joe Lennon +17, Martin Stephenson +1T (22-21), Alan Wilson +5, Jola Jurasinska +15
Alan Wilson (5/7) beat Bill Spalding +21, Tony Whateley +20, Bryan Sykes +19, Joe Lennon +24, Martin Stephenson +1
Martin Stephenson (5/7) beat Tony Whateley +1T (18-17), Bryan Sykes +4, Joe Lennon +13, Jola Jurasinska +17, James Hopgood +26tp
Jamieson Walker (4/6) beat Jola Jurasinska +6T (20-14), Tony Whateley +2T (21-19), Bryan Sykes +17, Joe Lennon +8
Bill Spalding (3/6) beat Jamieson Walker +4T (20-16), Jola Jurasinska +23, Tony Whateley +15
Joe Lennon (2/7) beat Jola Jurasinska +5T (18-13), Bryan Sykes +5
Bryan Sykes (1/7) beat Tony Whateley +6
Tony Whateley (1/7) beat Jola Jurasinska +5
Jola Jurasinska (0/6)