Spring Weekend 2010

24-25 April 2010, Meadows

Fergus McInnes won the SCA Spring Weekend with a rating of 117 under the "Egyptian" scoring system, ahead of Jola Jurasinska and James Hopgood on 112.

This year's event had the widest handicap range ever, from James Hopgood's -1 to George Geis's 20.  It also had what may have been the widest range of game durations.  Janice Duguid and Tony Whateley began their epic battle a little after 9.30am on Saturday and eventually finished at 3.21pm - Janice winning +8 after Tony hit in well on many occasions but did less well in converting the opportunities into points.  Janice's only quick game of the weekend was her third, played against Fergus McInnes on Sunday, which she won +26 with a bisque to spare; she then started one against Malcolm O'Connell, but it wasn't finished by the 6pm cut-off, while Fergus fitted three more games in between lunch and 5.30pm to take his total for the weekend to eight.Two players achieved handicap reductions: Campbell Morrison from 1 to 0.5 after three straight wins on Saturday, and Jola Jurasinska from 16 to 14 at the end of the tournament.

The weather was generally pleasant enough, with some sunshine on both days, though Sunday started with an hour or so of rain.  The lawns were playing well apart from a bit of slowness in the rainy spell and patches of snow blight (damage due to fungal growth under the winter's snow cover) which had not yet had time to heal and which particularly affected the approach to hoop 1 on lawn 1.

Fergus McInnes

("Egyptian" system)

Fergus McInnes 117 (6/8): beat George Geis +17, Jamieson Walker +3, Tony Whateley +6, Alan Wilson +19, James Hopgood +26, Campbell Morrison +26
Jola Jurasinska 112 (4/5): beat Jamieson Walker +1, James Hopgood +26, Campbell Thomson +15, George Geis +15
James Hopgood 112 (5/7): beat George Geis +13, Campbell Thomson +11, Alan Wilson +12, Campbell Morrison +13, Jamieson Walker +1
Janice Duguid 106 (2/3): beat Tony Whateley +8, Fergus McInnes +26
Campbell Thomson 105 (3/5): beat Fergus McInnes +24, George Geis +6, Campbell Morrison +14
Campbell Morrison 102 (4/7): beat Malcolm O'Connell +7, Alan Wilson +2, Jola Jurasinska +13, George Geis +18
Malcolm O'Connell 100 (2/4): beat Tony Whateley +24, Alan Wilson +2
Joe Lennon 98 (2/4): beat Malcolm O'Connell +8, Janice Duguid +10
Tony Whateley 93 (1/4): beat Joe Lennon +7
Jamieson Walker 92 (1/4): beat George Geis +18
Alan Wilson 86 (1/5): beat Joe Lennon +3
George Geis 77 (0/6)