Aberdeen Tournament 2014

13-14 September, Albury and Westburn

David Houston, winner Aberdeen Tournament 2014

David Houston won the Aberdeen handicap tournament, beating Alasdair Adam 9-5 in the final.   The tournament was played on the bowling greens of Albury Sports Centre and the Westburn Bowling Club with four blocks, the winners of each going into the semi-finals and then a final.    In order to fit the tournament into the weekend all games were 18 point games with time limits of 1 hour and 50 minutes, with the exception of Block 3 where there were only four players and so the games were 26 point with three hour time limits.

On the Saturday night the players were treated to a grand civic reception by the Lord Provost in the Bruce room in Aberdeen Town House and then a magnificent dinner in the Royal Northern and University Club.    On Sunday morning with the last round still to be played the blocks were still not decided.   However the eventual winners were David Houston, James Hopgood, Alasdair Adam and Jim Wilson.   In the Albury semi-final David beat James +18 with bisques standing, while at Westburn there was a much closer battle between Alasdair Adam and Jim Wilson with Alasdair eventually coming out on top 13-9.

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CA v SCA 2014

30-31 August 2014, Middlesbrough

Three Scottish players - Brian Murdoch, Alan Wilson and Fergus McInnes - made their way down the A1 and were joined in Middlesbrough by three from further south - Sam Murray, David Magee and Derek Knight - in an attempt to wrest back the Glasgow Quaich from the English.

The teams appeared quite evenly matched, with the SCA handicaps at -0.5, 0, 0, 1.5, 3 and 3, and the CA at -0.5, 0.5, 1, 2, 2.5 and 4 - suggesting a slight advantage for the SCA if anything.  The opening doubles round was in line with this, going 2-1 to the SCA.  But in the singles things began going the wrong way for the Scots, and the score after the first day was 9-6 to the home side.

The first round on the second day increased the CA's lead to 13-8.  The SCA could still turn it around to 13-14 (a good scoreline for a Scottish victory!) but only by winning all six games in the final round.  This they failed to do, achieving only an equal split in the head-to-head games; and so the final result was CA 16, SCA 11.

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SCA v Latvijas Kroketa federācija 2014

16-17 August 2014, Meadows

Seven Latvian players came over for a weekend's golf croquet in the midst of Edinburgh's Festival season.  The SCA put together a team which turned out to be distinctly stronger overall than the visiting team, and the home side won the match by 43 games to 11.  But, regardless of the score, in establishing friendly connections between the Scottish and Latvian croquet communities the visit was an outstanding success.

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