Walker Cup 2018

18 August 2018, Meadows

This AC competition is open to players with handicaps of 10 and over and the format chosen was a three round Swiss of 18-point games. The games had a time limit of 2 hours 15 minutes plus 3 minutes per bisque. Standard handicap rules applied.

Hamish Duguid was the winner of the 2018 Walker Cup, having won all three of his games. The six players were Brian Cosford, Jamieson Walker, Kevin Russell, Rachel Frith, Hamish Duguid and Jola Jurasinska. All games went to the peg and in round one the winners were Hamish, Jola and Jamieson. In round two Hamish, Brian and Jola won their matches so that Jola and Hamish each had two wins. In the final round Hamish convincingly beat Jola 18-6. Congratulations to Hamish on his victory.

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Edinburgh Midweek Tournament 2018

15 August 2018, Lauriston Castle

The Edinburgh Midweek Tournament for players whose handicaps have never been below 16 was played on 15 August at Lauriston Castle. There were four entrants and the format was all-play-all in 18-point games. The results were two wins each for Kathy Brown, Robert Harvey and Stefan Colling and none for Halcyon Byers who lost narrowly to each of the others. On net points difference Kathy Brown won and got her handicap down to 16 in the process.

Allan Hawke

Edinburgh Tournament 2018 - Day 7

Day 7 brought a sunny morning, cloud in the afternoon but mercifully none of the rain that was forecast earlier in the week.

The morning events were the finals of the Open singles and the Handicap singles, Events 1, 6X and 6Y. The Open singles, between Jane Morrison and Alastair Burn-Murdoch, got off to a slow start (perhaps because Jane’s mind was on her big winnings at Musselburgh races the day before). She eventually got her first ball round to 4b and set a leave which relied on distance rather than position. However, Alastair hit in and got his own first ball to 4b. Jane missed the lift shot and Alastair eventually got position on 4b with his other ball on peg, only to blob 4b and give Jane a fighting chance. She got round to peg from hoop 3 in one turn and pegged out Alastair’s ball. There then followed some tense cat and mouse positioning with the score equal. Time was called in Jane’s turn, much to her surprise - she had no idea they were that far on. Alastair hit a long roquet from corner 2 to half way down the west border and was able to score one more hoop in the final turn, winning 23-22.

In Event 6X Hamish Duguid quickly used his four bisques against Lorna Dewar and made good progress until he blobbed hoop 2b. Lorna then took one ball round from hoop 3 to the peg in 20 minutes and set a leave which Hamish just missed. Lorna was able to finish off with her other ball and ran out the winner +17.

In Event 6Y Brian Cosford was pitted against Rosemary Saunders Robertson. Brian used most of his nine bisques to get his first ball round to rover while Rosemary was still on the early hoops. Then Brian got his second ball round to join his other which was now on peg. Rosemary was stuck on hoops 1 and 3. Brian pegged out one ball but missed with the other from two yards, then in a later turn pegged it out from six yards, winning +24. Not surprisingly, Brian’s handicap has come down to 14.

The lunch interval was different this year - a splendid barbecue, complete with burgers, baked potatoes, salad and all the trimmings, cooked by Kevin Russell, our very own Hairy Biker. Many thanks to Kevin and also to James Thomson who provided free Pimm’s for everyone.

In the afternoon the traditional doubles final was watched by a small crowd (is that an oxymoron?) of players and spectators from Edinburgh’s three croquet clubs. Lorna Dewar and Alistair Malcolm took on Bob Darling and Allan Hawke. In a closely fought contest Lorna and Alistair’s solid play eventually prevailed and they won 21-17. The other game in the afternoon was the final of Event 3, played between Hamish Duguid and George Plant. Apologies for the lack of detail about this game but I was engaged elsewhere. The game went to time and was won by George 20-13.

In the presentation speeches sincere thanks was expressed to all who had supported the tournament and helped in a myriad of ways, but particularly to the manager, Alan Wilson, whose careful scheduling and re-scheduling, as well as refereeing and playing, was much appreciated by all participants.

For me personally the success of a tournament is measured by how many times I threw my mallet to the ground (off the lawn of course). The answer is three times - twice in anger and once in despair. You may draw your own conclusions.

The final results were:

Event 1, Open Singles: Alastair Burn-Murdoch
Event 2, 4+ handicaps: Lorna Dewar
Event 3, 8+ handicaps: George Plant
Event 4, 14+ handicaps: Kathy Brown
Event 5, handicap doubles: Lorna Dewar and Alistair Malcolm
Event 5Y, consolation doubles: Brian Cosford and John-Paul Moberly
Event 6, open handicap: Lorna Dewar
Event 6Y, Swiss handicap: Brian Cosford
Event 7, Golf Croquet: Bruce Bennet
Lauder Cup (for player getting furthest without winning an event): Hamish Duguid

Allan Hawke

Bob Darling and Allan Hawke assessing their options

Bob shooting from Corner III at partner in Corner IV ...

Bob Darling and Allan Hawke

Lorna Dewar

The doubles winners, Lorna Dewar and Alistair Malcolm

Edinburgh Tournament 2018 - Results in full

Event 1 - Open Singes (The Cramond Cup)

Advanced play

Winner: Alastair Burn-Murdoch


Block 1 J-PM JM GB RA AW HB Wins
John-Paul Moberly   +3 -2t
+6 +20 3
Jane Morrison -3   +25 +3t
+21 4
Graham Brightwell +2t
-25   -6t
+21 +8t
Roger Adamson +1t
Alan Wilson -6 -2t
-21 +7t
  +16 2
Howard Bowron -20 -21 -8t
-16   1


Block 2 JH AS AB-M JS AM Wins
James Hopgood   +26tp -15 +3 +23 3
Andrew Symons -26tp   -24 +2 +11t
Alastair Burn-Murdoch +15 +24   +4 +18 4
John Surgenor -3 -2 -4   +10 1
Alistair Malcolm -23 -11t
-18 -10   0

Final: Alastair Burn-Murdoch beat Jane Morrison +1t (23-22)

Event 2 - 4+ Level Advanced Singles (Ian H. Wright Trophy)

Advanced play

Winner: Lorna Dewar

Bob Darling   -18 +16 -20 -2t
-12 1
Lorna Dewar +18   -11t
+22 +13t
Allan Hawke -16 +11t
  -14 -13 -12 1
David Houston +20 -22 +14   -18 +13t
David Lloyd +2t
+13 +18   -6t
Rosemary Saunders Robertson +12 -2t
+12 -13t

Event 3 - 8+ Handicap Advanced Singles (Silver Jubilee Salver)

Advanced play with bisques

Winner: George Plant

Cross-blocks John Campbell Roger Binks Hamish Duguid Kevin Wright Wins
Joe Lennon +4t
-11 -6t
George Plant +13 +4t
Jola Jurasinska -2 +19 -3t
Jamieson Walker +4 +13 -4t
Wins 1 1 3 3  

Play-off: Hamish Duguid beat Kevin Wright +1t (17-16)
Final: George Plant beat Hamish Duguid +5t (20-15)

Event 4 - Full Bisque Handicap Singles (Walter B. Laing Cup)

Handicap, full bisque base 12

Winner: Kathy Brown

Block 1 JT KB RH HB RF Wins
James Thomson   -13 -5t
Kathy Brown +13   +7t
Rob Harvey +5t
  +4 +2t
Halcyon Byers -13t
-4   +8t
Rachel Frith -5t


Block 2 BC RL KR GG Wins
Brian Cosford   +7 +3t
+8 3
Robert Lay -7   -18 x 0
Kevin Russell -3t
+18   +2 2
George Geis -8 x -2   0


Event 5X - Handicap Doubles (Norton Wright Trophies)

Combined handicap 5 and over

Winners: Lorna Dewar and Alistair Malcolm

  David Houston &
George Plant
Duguid & Hopgood
+1t (24-23)
Darling & Hawke
+3t (24-21)
Dewar & Malcolm
+4t (21-17)
Hamish Duguid & James Hopgood Duguid & Hopgood
Bob & Morven Cross
Halcyon Byers & Charlotte Townsend Darling & Hawke
Darling & Hawke
+2t (21-19)
Bob Darling & Allan Hawke
Rosemary Saunders Robertson & Alan Wilson RSR & Wilson
+2t (21-19)
Brian Cosford & John-Paul Moberly
Lyn Gilpin & Robert Lay Gilpin & Lay
+5t (21-16)
Jurasinska & Walker
Dewar & Malcolm
Alastair Burn-Murdoch & Kevin Russell
Jola Jurasinska & Jamieson Walker Jurasinska & Walker
Roger Binks & Stefan Colling
Peter & Barbara McDermott Strachan & Surgenor
Dewar & Malcolm
+1t (24-23)
Bill Strachan & John Surgenor
Rachel Frith & George Geis Dewar & Malcolm
+7t (22-15)
Lorna Dewar & Alistair Malcolm


Event 5Y - Consolation Doubles

Winners: Brian Cosford & John-Paul Moberly

David Houston & George Plant Houston & Plant
+10t (23-13)
Cosford & Moberly
Cosford & Moberly
(not played - awarded on points for)
Bob & Morven Cross
Halcyon Byers & Charlotte Townsend Cosford & Moberly
+6t (20-14)
Brian Cosford & John-Paul Moberly
Alastair Burn-Murdoch & Kevin Russell Binks & Colling
Binks & Colling
+5t (23-18)
Roger Binks & Stefan Colling
Peter & Barbara McDermott McDermott & McDermott
Rachel Frith & George Geis


Event 6X - Unrestricted Handicap Singles (Edinburgh Croquet Cup)

Winner: Lorna Dewar

  John-Paul Moberly John Campbell
Lorna Dewar
Lorna Dewar
John Campbell John Campbell
Brian Cosford
Lorna Dewar Lorna Dewar
Lorna Dewar
+4t (18-14)
Joe Lennon
Rosemary Saunders Robertson Rosemary Saunders Robertson
George Plant
Alan Wilson Alan Wilson
Alan Wilson
Hamish Duguid
Kevin Wright

Rachel Frith

Rachel Frith
Graham Brigtwell
  Hamish Duguid Hamish Duguid
  Roger Binks


Event 6Y - Consolation Handicap Singles (Milne Trophy)


Winner: Brian Cosford

Roger Binks           L W         L   1 3
Graham Brightwell             L           L 0 2
John Campbell       W L       W         2 3
Brian Cosford     L     W     W     W W 4 5
Lorna Dewar     W         W     W     3 3
Hamish Duguid W     L               W   2 3
Rachel Frith L W                 L L   1 4
Joe Lennon         L         L W W   2 4
John-Paul Moberly     L L             L     0 3
George Plant               W     L   W 2 3
Rosemary Saunders Robertson         L   W   W W       3 4
Alan Wilson W     L   L W L         W 3 7
Kevin Wright   W   L           L   L   1 4

Final: Brian Cosford beat Rosemary Saunders Robertson +24

Event 7 - Golf Croquet Handicap Singles

Winner: Bruce Bennet

Roger Adamson   6-7 3-7 7-2 7-6 7-4 6-7 1-7 3
Bruce Bennet 7-6   7-5 7-3 7-2 7-5 7-3 7-6 7
Tom Dewar 7-3 5-7   7-2 7-6 7-3 7-1 6-7 5
Rachel Frith 2-7 3-7 2-7   5-3 7-5 5-7 6-7 2
George Geis 6-7 2-7 6-7 3-5   7-4 6-7 5-7 1
Catriona Graham 4-7 5-7 3-7 5-7 4-7   5-7 2-7 0
John Graham 7-6 3-7 1-7 7-5 7-6 7-5   5-7 4
Bill Strachan 7-1 6-7 7-6 7-6 7-5 7-2 7-5   6

Edinburgh Tournament 2018 - Day 6

A wet start today but the rain disappeared by 10.00 and the wind didn’t seem quite as cold - or perhaps we are just getting used to it. A mixed bag of finals and semi-finals in AC was played on lawns 1 and 2 while the golf croquet event took place on lawns 3 and 4.

First up were Kevin Wright and Hamish Duguid in the play-off for block winner in Event 3. A close match was finally won by Hamish getting the golden hoop after time was called and Kevin had missed a roquet by the narrowest of margins. The 17-16 result means that Hamish will play George Plant in Saturday’s final.

Event 4 actually had its final today: Kathy Brown played Brian Cosford and won 26-3. Congratulations to Kathy, still a relatively inexperienced player, and commiserations to Brian who, as he said, simply didn’t bring his best self to his first game of the day.

The ongoing open singles second block saw Alastair Burn-Murdoch claim yet another victory to earn his place in the final against Jane Morrison. Apologies to Alastair for failing to mention that his handicap came down to 1 yesterday. And to think it’s only four years since he was in the beginners’ course at the Edinburgh Club. From high 20s handicap to 1 in four years is pretty good going. In other games in this block Andrew Symons narrowly beat John Surgenor but lost to James Hopgood. James attempted to set up a sextuple peel, which didn’t work out, but he then completed a triple peel to win. In true modest fashion he said afterwards, “It wasn’t a perfect triple peel but sometimes the less than perfect ones are more interesting.” Well, perfect or not it’s the only triple to be completed this week - so far.

John Surgenor was the protagonist in the week’s most amazing incident. Believe this if you can - I’m not sure I do, but I was told that John played a cut rush from corner 2 on lawn 1 and one of the balls shot up the ‘grass’ ramp that’s used for getting the lawnmower onto the lawn and disappeared under Lorna Dewar’s car. A search under the car and nearby failed to produce it. Puzzlement all round. Then John said, “Lorna, just put up the bonnet of your car, will you.” And lo and behold, there was the ball snugly nestled in the engine compartment! Now either this story is worth its place in Scottish legends alongside Nessie or someone had a bet they could get ‘Scoop’ to put it in today’s report, in which case - they’ve won.

Back to the serious stuff. After so many narrow wins and at least three golden hoop games it was a surprise to see the 5Y compensatory doubles final won by +26. Victory went to Brian Cosford (who’d found his form by now) and John-Paul Moberly, playing against George Plant and David Houston. As not all finalists in this event could make it on Friday or Saturday the Manager calculated total points won over the series of games and awarded Event victory to Brian and John-Paul. John-Paul left soon after, which is a relief to my word processor which insists on printing his name as ‘Soberly’.

So the line-up for Saturday is:

Event 1 final: Jane Morrison v Alastair Burn-Murdoch.
Event 3 final: Hamish Duguid v George Plant
Event 5 doubles final: Darling & Hawke v Dewar & Malcolm
Event 6X final: Lorna Dewar v Hamish Duguid
Event 6Y final: probably Brian Cosford v Rosemary S Robertson

Finally, the golf croquet event brought in a whole new lot of players, mainly ‘Meadows in exile’. There were eight players in all and as all played all it took most of the day to get through the seven rounds of matches. In almost the last match of the day George Geis was pitted against Bruce Bennet. If Bruce lost he would play a final against Bill Strachan, but he won and so claimed the trophy with 7 wins from 7 games. Congratulations to him and we look forward to watching his progress as he spreads his talents to the AC game next year, when retirement beckons.

A more immediate thing that we look forward to is the lunchtime barbecue on Saturday, but if you haven’t booked your place - too bad. You’ll have to munch your sandwiches at the edge of the throng while the carnivores vie with the veggies.

Allan Hawke

The manager in action