Edinburgh Tournament 2018

5-11 August 2018, Balgreen


Event 1 (Open singles - Cramond Cup) - Alastair Burn-Murdoch
Event 2 (4+ level advanced singles - Ian H. Wright Trophy) - Lorna Dewar
Event 3 (8+ handicap advanced singles - Silver Jubilee Salver) - George Plant
Event 4 (Full bisque handicap singles - Walter B. Laing Cup) - Kathy Brown
Event 5X (Handicap doubles - Norton Wright Trophies) - Lorna Dewar and Alistair Malcolm
Event 5Y (Consolation doubles) - Brian Cosford and John-Paul Moberly
Event 6X (Unrestricted handicap singles - Edinburgh Croquet Cup) - Lorna Dewar
Event 6Y (Consolation handicap singles - Milne Trophy) - Brian Cosford
Event 7 (Golf croquet handicap singles) - Bruce Bennet
Lauder Bowl (for player getting furthest without winning another trophy) - Hamish Duguid

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7

Results in full


Wilkinson Sword 2018

29 July 2018, Knightswood

Five pairs competed for this year's SCA doubles trophy in Glasgow in a round-robin format with each club pairing playing four 14-point games. The Knightswood lawns continue to improve and despite intermittent rain remained reasonably fast throughout the day. Round 1 produced a very close game between Aberdeen and Meadows which eventually (there was a bisque allocation problem discovered mid-game) resulted in Meadows winning by two hoops in time. Round 2 produced a different type of incident related to the calling of time and Aberdeen with a final turn ended up winners by three hoops. The Glasgow pair of Brian Durward and Peter Martin improved as the day progressed and produced a good round 5 finish where Martin pegged out to beat Balgreen 14-0. Meadows with a pairing of Roger Binks and Campbell Thomson played well throughout the day and won all of their games in good style. Well done Meadows, this year's winning club!

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Basil Townsend Quaich 2018

22 July 2018, Auchincruive

Glasgow, represented by Richard Sparrow, won the 2018 BTQ. On a dry, if not sunny day, four teams competed for the trophy: Auchincruive (Kevin Wright), Balgreen (Roger Binks), Glasgow (Richard Sparrow), and Meadows (Lorna Dewar). Three rounds of 18-point games were played with 2¼ hour time limits. Going into the last round, Richard managed to survive a late surge by Lorna to make it three wins out of three and win the trophy.

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20+ Tournament 2018

28 July 2018, Meadows

Having enjoyed almost two months of exceptional sunshine, the rain returned the day before the 20+. Saturday 28 July was a wet morning and the rain so heavy as to threaten abandonment of the competition. On the manager's insistence however, two rounds were completed, the showers abated and by the end of round five the puddles had disappeared.

The six opponents played each other (American Block - Appleton) using the standard format for Short Croquet, with bisques for each player. The time limit was set at 70 minutes per game with recognised concluding turns to determine a winner. Nine went to time, one of which required a golden hoop and bisques were restored. By exception the games counted for handicap cards at 5 points. Also by exception a new AC player was allowed to enter, even though the Handicap Committee, after the Summer Weekend, had reduced Stefan Colling's handicap to 16; all others ranged from 20 to 24.

Everyone enjoyed varying success, so that by the fifth round Rachel was leading with three wins, followed by George, Michele, Peter and Stefan each on two wins. Michele and Stefan won, but Rachel lost to George. By a majority vote of the spectators, these four 3-game winners were invited to a peg shoot-out from corner 1. The winner was Stefan Colling, who also had the best hoop difference.

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